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When companies start exhibiting at multiple shows a year, they can be tempted to purchase a trade show booth rather than opt for a trade show booth rental.  The choice is ultimately up to the company- do you own the same trade show exhibit and trot it out at every show for years to come?  Or do you opt for a trade show booth rental instead.  Consider the following benefits of a trade show booth rental over a purchase:

The Flexibility of a Trade Show Booth Rental

When a company owns their trade show exhibit, there’s really not much flexibility there.  They’re forced into the same size configuration at every show, the same branding and the same structural elements at every single show.  After a while, companies are forced to make decisions on which shows they can afford to miss because a larger booth space may be too expensive.  They may also worry their branding is starting to feel tired and stale.

gamification trade show exhibit design

In contrast, a trade show booth rental allows for great flexibility.  Companies can scale up or down depending on the show and its value.  New configurations, new branding, and custom elements can be added as necessary, allowing for a different look and feel at every single show.  Experiential elements can be built in at one competitive show and removed at another show if necessary.  The sky’s the limit on the custom configurations.

No Maintenance Worries

You can tell when a company owns their own exhibit versus having a trade show booth rental.  One of the tell-tale signs is the lack of proper maintenance and care of the exhibit.  Graphics fade, counters get cracked and chipped over time, columns aren’t exactly straight after a while, and outdated messaging may still be prominent.  If your company isn’t going to store the purchase with an exhibit design house partner, then renting a storage unit or shoving it in a back warehouse to gather dust and age isn’t a great alternative.  These can all lead to problems that can seem insurmountable when items break on the show floor and there’s no one to turn to for help.

Chipped trade show booth rental

A trade show booth rental has none of these maintenance worries.  Even if your company wants the same design for the next 3 years, those items are carefully packed away and stored with the exhibit house.  Prior to pulling them for a show, they are carefully inspected to determine if repairs need to be made to the trade show booth rental.  Graphics are reprinted and the entire set up looks and feels brand new every single time.

No Customs Nightmares to Exhibit Abroad

When companies travel to exhibit abroad, one of the biggest what if’s is whether their exhibit will actually arrive on time and make it through customs in time for the show.  This is actually quite common.  We routinely hear from people last minute that their items are stuck in customs and they need an emergency solution.

When traveling abroad, there’s a great amount of freedom with a trade show booth rental.  Particularly when an exhibit house has an international presence, companies are able to depend on their same team to deliver results so they can just step into their trade show booth rental on the day of the show.  There are no custom concerns, no standing on the show floor in a massive space with only a table and chairs to keep you company.  Imagine the embarrassment and the money flushed down the drain! Had the company only opted for a trade show booth rental instead, they wouldn’t be a lonely island in the middle of a bustling trade show floor.

Oklahoma trade show booth rental

While some companies like the safety and security of a purchase that they can trot out once or twice a year, the majority of exhibitors opt instead for a trade show booth rental.  For the reasons mentioned above and more, it ends up being less stress and headaches to truly shine on the trade show floor.

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