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Whether small or large, exhibitors are always looking for the same thing- to stand out from the crowd at a trade show.  Nobody wants to blend in with the crowd or you could find your booth empty for long periods of time.  The secret to this is good trade show booth rental design.  However, not everyone has the budget the industry giants have.  This is not a necessity, though.  Great things can still be produced for smaller budgets.  You can make your trade show booth rental stand out from the sea of exhibitors with some fresh thinking and new ideas.  Consider the following ways to take your trade show booth rental to the next level:

Use Your Trade Show Booth Rental to Immerse People in Your Brand

Every brand has a story- what’s the story you’re going to tell?  By immersing prospects, leads and customers in your brand with your trade show booth rental, you’re able to better communicate your unique value proposition immediately.  Using a design theme is often a great way for exhibitors to immerse people in their brand.  Another great idea is to incorporate elements of your design that communicate your brand- speed, comfort, excitement, whatever your brand represents.  Some exhibitors choose to lead their customers on a journey that results in them finding out what’s at the heart of the brand.  With a little imagination, you too can come up with a trade show booth rental design that tells a brand story the instant people step inside the booth.  Take a cue from some of the creative types in your industry and ask yourself why their trade show exhibit is so popular compared to many others.

branded exhibit signage

Use Creative Lighting to Draw People’s Eyes to Your Trade Show Booth Rental 

We can’t say it enough- it’s one of the basics of good trade show booth design.  Light is a powerful way to help your trade show booth rental stand out on the exhibit hall floor.  Interesting colors, unique shaped lighting, or even creative usage of backlighting, light boxes and well-placed lighting can help an exhibitor shine.  It’s all how you use the lighting to attract people’s eyes and to highlight products or demo areas.  Exhibit halls are famously poorly lit and sometimes can be quite dark, so the use of light in your trade show booth rental can be a powerful way to stand out from the crowd.

trade show display lighting

Include High Tech Elements

At trade shows, visitors are visually overwhelmed by what they see on the trade show floor.  This is why it’s a good idea to engage other senses in your trade show booth rental.  Consider how providing a tactile high-tech experience impresses people and encourages them to interact with your brand.  This could be in the form of new technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality, or it could be gamification of your product, or even touch screens to allow people to experience your brand for yourself.  Including high tech elements allows people to engage yet another sense and get hands on knowledge about your product or goods and services.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

Make Comfort a Priority

Let’s face it, after hours of walking an exhibit hall, it can get tiring.  People’s feet hurt, they want to sit down, and they want to not only recharge physically, but they’d like to recharge their phone batteries as well.  This is why comfort is such a priority in a trade show booth rental.  Many exhibitors go out of their way to provide lounge areas for just this reason.  In addition to lounge areas, bars are also quite popular and stations where people can grab some coffee, a snack and just refresh.  Your booth staff aren’t the only people standing around all day- so are visitors! Give them a space to take a load off and unwind before they venture back out into the fray.

trade show booth rental design

Exhibitors seeking to make a big splash with their trade show booth rental are advised to keep these items in mind.  With a little creativity and thinking outside the box, they can stand out from the crowd and provide a superior experience for trade show visitors.  For more great ideas, ask your exhibit design house partner for help.

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