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If you’re in the market for a technology trade show booth, don’t just settle for something that everyone else has.  Nobody wants to fade into the background and obscurity on the trade show floor.  You want to be the star- the exhibit everyone is talking about and buzzing about, no matter if it’s a large or small show.  Whether your technology trade show booth is in the field of cyber security, human resources technology, or gaming, try these ideas to spruce your next trade show display:

Hang Touch Screens on the Outside of Your Technology Trade Show Booth

One of the best ways to spruce up your technology trade show booth is to hang touch screens around it to generate some interest in your technology.  People are bombarded with a lot of visuals and sounds at a trade show, so it’s nice to engage other senses as well such as the sense of touch in your technology trade show booth.  This can be helpful to generate discussion with people who are happily touching the screen and learning more about your products.

Quirk Logic technology trade show booth

Introduce Gamification into Your Technology Trade Show Booth

We’ve said it time and again because it’s the truth- gamification is extremely popular in the trade show industry.  This is because people love to be entertained and if they gain an education about your product while driving a race car simulator, that’s all the better.  Make your technology trade show booth fun and add an element of gamification to it so you can both educate and entertain people at your next trade show.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

Design a Creative Technology Trade Show Booth

What draws one person’s eye versus another can be multiple things- color, light, a unique shape, or design.  By designing something creative, you’re more likely to attract people who are curious about what it is your brand does and how they do it.  Not everyone wants to see the same old same old.  By stepping out of the box design wise, you’re more likely to attract more people to your technology trade show booth.  If your software is cloud based, consider incorporating clouds and sky into your trade show booth.  This is a creative way in which to reinforce the idea in attendees’ minds and to make them remember.  After all, the best ROI is to be remembered and liked, which makes it more likely your business will be contacted.

Synology technology trade show booth

Use Lighting to Attract Attention to Your Technology Trade Show Booth

Lighting is one of the basic elements of design.  The exhibition hall is notorious for terrible lighting.  There can be dark spots, weird spot lights hanging over your trade show exhibit, and the distinct feeling of being stuck inside a warehouse.  That’s why you want to make sure you have the lighting that will spruce up your technology trade show booth and drive more people through your virtual front door.

trade show display design

There are many creative ideas to drive more people to your revamped trade show display.  These are just a few to get you started but feel free to ask your Account Executive at your exhibit house partner for more great ideas on how to make a big splash and remain on the tips of people’s tongues at your next trade show.


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