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Exhibiting can seem kind of cutthroat; everyone on the trade show floor wants to drive the most amount of traffic to their trade show exhibit and capture the highest ROI.  Most do this with their trade show booth design- some even accomplish this with the strength of their team or experiential marketing.  There are many different paths to take, but you can make a stronger impact now with your trade show booth design.  Consider the following ways you can strengthen your impact at your next trade show:

Make Use of Ample White Space in Your Trade Show Booth Design 

The power of white space is often misunderstood.  Not every trade show display can feature 20 colors all screaming for attention at once.  And not all messaging is understood in this kind of trade show booth design.  Instead, it’s often used to highlight bright and bold messaging and to drive consumers’ eyes to the colorful parts of a trade show booth design, muting seating areas and demo areas.  This helps trade show attendees instantly focus on an exhibitor’s messaging to clearly understand the brand before crossing the imaginary threshold.

trade show booth design

Integrate Motion into Your Trade Show Booth Design

What was that motion that you spotted out of the corner of your eye on the trade show floor?  Why it was the motion of a spinning sign, or a prop, used to capture your attention among the many bright lights and colors on the trade show floor.  Motion is one of the basics of trade show design, causing attendees to spin their head around and wonder what that was that they saw and further investigate.  Imagine watching a focal point such as a spinning globe from across the room.  You’d want to know how that works and this is strategic in their trade show booth design.  Or imagine a windmill actively spinning so your eye is drawn to the farm style trade show booth design in another part of the hall.  Motion can be used in many ways, delighting trade show attendees with something very simple.

trade show exhibit models

Get Bold with Your Colors

Big bold colors are a great way to stand out on the trade show floor.  From licensing to technology or even food and beverage trade show exhibits, color helps to identify a brand from across the trade show floor.  And who doesn’t want to visit a rainbow-colored booth or a similarly loud trade show booth design?  Depending on your industry, color can be used to evoke emotion, stand out among the sea of beige, or define your space on the trade show floor.

colorful trade show exhibit

Get Creative with Props in Your Trade Show Booth Design

Props are one of the least expensive elements of your trade show booth design and are incredibly handy for attracting people’s attention.  Whether your brand is using big foam letters, a life-sized camera, CNC cut out caricatures, or even inflatable props, they serve to draw people to the exhibit in order to take pictures with them, to play with them, or investigate them further.  Creative props can be an excellent way to make a stronger impact while on a trade show budget as well.  Consider how they can add to your overall design and what might be appropriate for your brand and industry.

trade show display design

No matter your industry, there are many ways in which you can define yourself from the competition and make a stronger impact.  Try these 4 suggestions, or if you have more questions and ideas to discuss, reach out to your exhibit design house partner.  With decades of experience, they can offer suggestions you’d never previously considered that will make a huge impact.

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