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When it comes to standing out among the giants on the trade show floor, it’s important to have the right exhibit signange.  The myriad of exhibit signage available to you can make it confusing to make a decision for your trade show exhibit.  How do you know what’s right for you?  We’ll show you some creative uses of exhibit signage that you can try in your next exhibit:

3D Back Lit Exhibit Signage

One of the things that catches people’s eyes on the trade show floor is light.  When you incorporate 3D back lit exhibit signage into your trade show booth, you’re adding a visual stimulus that people respond to.  This can be repeated in a pattern of sorts or it can be used as a focal point in your exhibit.  This increasingly popular exhibit signage trend is popping up on trade show floors across multiple industries and shows no signs of slowing down.

FFG trade show booth

Custom Cut Shapes that Stand Out

It’s always a wow factor when you see custom cut exhibit signage that almost seems to float just above the rest of a trade show exhibit.  The cut of the exhibit itself, combined with the custom cut exhibit signage makes people stop in their tracks to come take a look.  A clean modern trade show exhibit can be a game changer with a custom cut shaped sign.

healthcare trade show exhibit signage


3D Light Boxes on Fabric Exhibit Signage

At CES, one of the stand out exhibits did something different with their tension fabric exhibit signage.  They added 3D light boxes to it to give the sign more dimension and depth.  This was so popular that it was mentioned as a must-see attraction on the trade show floor.  The addition of the 3D light boxes to the fabric exhibit signage made it unique, cast a glow, and excited show attendees.  3D light boxes on fabric exhibit signage are lightweight too and they won’t add egregious weight to shipping crates.  This is going to become an exhibiting trend in 2019 and 2020 because of the splash it makes.


Inside Lit Fabric Exhibit Signage

We’ve often thought to ourselves that while overhead fabric exhibit signage is great from a distance, it’s a shame there’s not something extra to draw people’s attention as they’re passing by.  Now there is.  By adding a strip of light to the hanging exhibit signage, it makes the entire exhibit signage stand out more.  Imagine just a tiny strip of light and suddenly, the exhibit signage that tends to sometimes blend into the sea of hanging signs becomes unique and enticing. If you add other unique lighting options to your exhibit, it will all look like a cohesive design intended to draw you into the booth.

exhibit signage

LCD Screen Exhibit Signage

LCD screens are not new to exhibit signage, but how they’re used can be unique and creative.  Consider projecting your brand name and logo on an LCD screen on the floor like one client did at a recent trade show.  This was so creative that people stopped to take a look and figure out what they were looking at.  The end result was massive traffic through the client’s trade show exhibit and a lot of curious people passing their competition without a second look.

trade show exhibit signage

It’s clear that there are many ways in which you can use exhibit signage but with a little creativity, you can make your trade show exhibit stand out from the rest of the trade show floor.  When designing your exhibit, ask your exhibit design house partner for some suggestions to achieve a unique look.

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