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TUSTIN, CA – Absolute Exhibits has partnered with the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, and Platypus Studio, to produce a parkwide outdoor interpretive exhibition to bring awareness to the significant natural, cultural, and recreational resources at Carpinteria State Beach.

“This interpretive exhibition experience will connect visitors to the park’s natural, cultural, and historic resources while promoting resource protection and park stewardship,” said Bob Patterson, Associate Landscape Architect and Project Manager of the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation. “It will provide thought-provoking insight into everything that Carpinteria State Beach has to offer will helping to preserve these resources for years to come.”

Carpinteria is widely known for its beautiful coastline, wildlife, seals, and pristine camping grounds but also allows visitors to explore and learn about the coastal organisms, ecology, land preservation, and historical significance of the area.

The interpretive exhibition will include interpretive exhibits, panels, and signage that will accompany a self-guided tour along trails and overlooks, and highlight park features such as the lagoon, tarpits, and tide pools.

“We are excited to be working with the State of California and to bring Platypus Studio to life for this modern, unique and comprehensive interpretive exhibition center at Carpinteria State Beach,” stated Tom Hicks, Director of Interpretive Exhibits at Absolute Exhibits.

Completion of the Carpinteria State Beach interpretive exhibition is anticipated for early May 2016.

Carpinteria State Beach is located between Santa Barbara and Ventura on the Central California Coast. The state first acquired land for Carpinteria State Beach in 1932. Over the years, the park has grown in size and popularity. Today, Carpinteria State Beach contains 60.08 acres, including 4,685 feet of ocean frontage. Attendance figures dating to 1995 record an average of nearly 850,000 park visitors each year.

For more information on interpretive exhibits and signage, contact Tom Hicks at (714) 685-2820.

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