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There’s been about 5 years of worrisome discussion around the Millennial generation among brands.  How do they appeal to them?  How do they draw them in at trade shows with their trade show display? The reality is, today’s workforce is multi-generational.  There’s still Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and now Generation Z as well.  With 4 generations to appeal to with your trade show display, how do you appeal to a wider audience?

Light Up Your Trade Show Display 

One of the basics of effective trade show display is lighting.  No matter your age group, unique lighting, colorful lighting, and lights that catch your eye overall are appealing to a variety of different age groups.  Bold colors don’t turn off generations, but can instead capture their attention in general across a crowded trade show floor.  Is your trade show display lit up?  Does it draw people to the trade show booth space itself?  Consider how something as basic as lighting can work in your favor to appeal to a wider experience.

trade show display lighting

Present Information in Your Trade Show Display in Multiple Formats

When exhibiting at a trade show like CES, you could be dealing with everything from Baby Boomers to Generation Z, all equally excited to see the newest offerings in the tech space.  If you’ve got information to communicate to multiple generations, consider presenting it in multiple formats.  This could include touch screens within your trade show display, demos running on LED monitors, or even good old-fashioned literature to read.  No two people absorb information in the same way and various generations expect information in different formats.  To appeal to a wider audience, try mixing up the way in which you deliver information to prospects.  This can ensure you’re not only communicating with one generation with your trade show display.

trade show display design


Get Interactive in Your Trade Show Display

Everyone loves getting hands on to experience what a company’s brand is all about.  Whether that means taking a hammer to interpretive signage billed as exceptionally durable or offering demonstration stations to pick up technology such as cameras and to hold them in their hands and take test shots, interactivity is incredibly popular within a trade show display.  Multiple generations enjoy these kinds of activities and the end result is that brands are better able to capture the attention of potential leads and prospects at the show.

trade show display

Feature Multiple Generations of Trade Show Display Staff

There are plenty of people with the gift of gab who can talk to anyone, no matter their generation, title, and more.  However, some people are more adept at talking to their own generation and explaining things in ways in which they understand better.  For this reason, we advocate that you take multiple people to staff your trade show display.  Someone may be more comfortable talking to a more seasoned executive and others may be more comfortable talking to a representative that more closely relates to their age group.  Everybody is different, so if you also have multiple generations in your workforce, take advantage of them by featuring them in your trade show display.


If your trade show display isn’t very appealing to wide audiences, consider elements of design and missed opportunities overall.  Communicating with these audiences could be much easier than previously anticipated. For more advice and tips, contact your Account Executive at your exhibit house partner.

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