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As brands grow and change their marketing strategy, often times they want to start exhibiting at more shows.  This can mean more cities within the U.S. or even traveling abroad.  For this reason, you need an exhibit house that can support you whether you’re in Las Vegas, Orlando, Germany, or even Shanghai.  Consider the following benefits of working with an exhibit house with an international presence:

Design Consistency Across Borders

When your exhibit house has an international presence, you’re able to receive the same design consistency.  Are there specific graphics and design you use in the USA?  The great news is that you can still use that same design abroad.  Or, you can ask your exhibit house to design something special to make a different kind of splash abroad.

Jakks Absolute Exhibits exhibit house

As brands exhibit more, they often use different sized exhibits at various shows- whether in Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans or even Barcelona.  Using the same exhibit house means you’ll be able to downsize or upsize depending upon the show, the venue, or the location.  Having design consistency can ensure that you’re able to keep your branding consistent across the board no matter your trade show exhibit size or your location.


Working with a Local Exhibit House Has its Perks

Whether you’re exhibiting in the U.S. or abroad, working with an exhibit house with a local presence has its perks.  This means that your shipping costs are often lower with less of a commute to the show site itself.  It also means you may be able to take advantage of local installation and dismantle services that a partner can provide.


If the show is a big one, your exhibit house partner will often be able to save you even more money because they’ll be shipping more exhibits to the venue.  This works out well for your brand if you’re working on a budget.

Problem Solving on the Trade Show Floor

With an expanded presence, an exhibit house with a massive presence is better able to address those snafus that occasionally come up.  This means that if a forklift runs into your exhibit, you’ve got options to receive new CAM panels, graphics, and more.  While this is an extreme example, sometimes things happen that necessitate some problem solving.  Your exhibit house can provide these solutions whether it’s in the form of a project manager handling show forms or the exhibit house providing replacement parts.  This can be of great comfort in a time of panic.

Vista exhibit house abroad

Experience with a Multitude of Venues

It’s one thing to be a local exhibit house in a city known for exhibiting like Las Vegas. However, if that’s your only experience, it could hurt your brand when looking to exhibit in Dusseldorf, Dubai, or Shanghai.  Only an exhibit house with an international presence will have this kind of experience so you won’t run afoul of local venue rules, customs, or even get caught unaware for charges on drayage or union labor.  This experience comes in handy up front when you’re planning your budget and your exhibit so your experience is smooth from start to finish.

McLanahan trade show exhibit

When it comes to choosing the right exhibit house partner, it’s important to consider their presence.  Many exhibit houses claim they can take you anywhere but if they’re a small mom and pop shop with only one location, the odds are they’re not aware of the differences in exhibiting abroad, might have expensive shipping across the US, and might not have the capabilities to do your exhibit justice.

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