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By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only is the Koren family philanthropy created in 2010, establishing a family legacy for giving back to the community. The Koren family owns Absolute Exhibits and its subsidiaries. We believe that giving builds well being. Our family has defined giving back as one of our family values. By Invitation Only provides an ongoing generation to generation method of meeting our family objectives as we work together to benefit others. Joining together over a holiday meal or handing out gifts to each other are great moments, however, sharing that meal or handing a gift to someone in need is a far better memory and defines our family values.

Everyone shops for gifts throughout the year — weddings, anniversaries, baby gifts, retirements, and birthdays. What if 20% of every sale was given to a charity? Or better yet, what if 20% of every sale was given to your charity? Creating a method for non-profits and charities to raise additional money for their coffers was the goal set in motion by Jan Koren. Having spent the past thirty years as the vice president, chairperson, or head of ways and means of countless nonprofit groups, brainstorming to get every last dollar out of supporters’ wallets for a particular cause, Jan brought to fruition something she was always looking for herself; a fast and easy way to bring additional money to her group.

Thus, a gift store with a heart and where the bottom line is not profits but charitable contributions. Together with local nonprofits, we work tirelessly to provide charities an easy and non-stressful way of providing a continuous fundraiser. How does it work? If you are a nonprofit just register your group, announce it to your supporters, advertise on your website and Facebook (we will help you), and a check with all of the pertinent buyer information will be sent to you at the end of each month. If you are a consumer begin shopping with your charity in mind.

Join us and purchase with a purpose. One dollar of every five dollars you spend will go to your designated charity. Shop for a gift and you are double gifting — once for the recipient and again for your charity!

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