The staff of Absolute Exhibits is a dynamic group. Our diversity can be seen in our various cultural backgrounds, the languages we speak, our educations, and our passions at work and at play. Our differences make us a vibrant group of people with varied ideas and a wide range of capabilities.

We share a passion to provide our customers with the best possible tradeshow exhibit solutions and excellent customer service. Above all we share one aim, caring for people– that is the asset we look for in everyone that joins the Absolute Exhibits team.

The full time staff of Absolute Exhibits spans the globe on three continents, speaks ten languages, and numbers over sixty.


Todd Koren


Todd is the CEO of Absolute Exhibits. Within weeks of graduating from Chapman University, Todd, along with his mother, founded Absolute Exhibits, Inc. in Orange County California. He led the company expansion to Las Vegas, Wurzburg, Germany, Orlando, and most recently to Bucharest, Romania. Todd attended Chapman University, a private university in Orange, California. In three years time he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing Management and a minor in Economics.

While in college Todd owned and operated an import/export business, Global Provisions, sending food to American and Western Samoa and receiving fresh products in return to resell in the greater Los Angeles area. Today, he uses his business to assist philanthropically offering trucking and collection services for a Toy Drive for 9/11 and moving truckloads of food and equipment to Miami for Haiti. He is a member of Chapman 50 whose members are civic and professional leaders capable of accelerating Chapman’s international reputation.

Todd also advises CEOs of fast-growing companies through his leadership role with RJB Partners LLC, a Los Angeles based private equity investor.

Jan Koren


Jan Koren is President and Director of Sales at Absolute Exhibits. Her career began as a freelance contractor for marketing services and as a technical writer. She now heads the Absolute Exhibits sales team, which can consist of up to fourteen people at any given time, in the southern California office and offices across the United States and Europe.

Jan attended Arizona State University where she majored in English, and minored in Art. She is married with two adult children and her hobbies include interior design work, reading, cooking, and entertaining.

Dane Ferguson

Vice President

Dane has been the Vice President of Absolute Exhibits since August of 2013 after working in various operational capacities since he joined the company in the Fall of 2011. Prior to joining Absolute, Dane worked in the financial services industry. He first was a financial advisor for a boutique firm before he joined the commercial division of a large national bank.

Dane was born and raised in Orange County. As the youngest of four brothers, he grew to love sports and the spirit of competition. After graduating from nearby Villa Park High School, his athletic and academic excellence took him north to the University of California, Berkeley where he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies while earning a varsity letter in baseball.

Gus Gutierrez

Manufacturing Manager

Gus is the Manufacturing Manger for Absolute Exhibits. In 2003 Gus met Todd Koren who offered him a job to work for his family’s exhibit company they were transitioning from a distribution company to a manufacturer. He was looking for men with experience and it took Gus some time to make a decision since he had 10 years working in his current company and I did not want to leave a job where he felt like family. At first he missed his previous job but in a short time he started feeling like he was at home again. Now he says he could not have made a better decision.

Today Gus is a happily married man and a dad of a four year old daughter. Coming from Guanajuato, Mexico, he is the youngest of three brothers. From ages 6 to 14 he literally walked about 4 miles to attend general education. Then at 14 he had to move to the state of Zacatecas to continue his education. At the age of sixteen he immigrated to the US where he realized that things were a lot harder and different than he had imagined. He worked mornings and attended night school to learn English. Being a quick learner he spent the next ten years supervising projects and traveling to different states for another exhibit company. He spends his little free time enjoying life with his wife and daughter.

Gilbert Molina

Branch Manager

Gilbert is the Branch Manager in Orlando. As someone who is accustomed to working in high-pressure environment where accuracy and attention to detail are essential, he firmly believes that he will always exceed client expectations. He is a highly skilled listener and communicator, and resourceful in completing projects with an inherent ability to multi-task effectively. With over eight years experienced in finishing cabinets in Chicago and seven years experience as a trade show carpenter at Absolute Exhibits in Las Vegas, Gilbert believes in success through hard work and education.

He shares a very special bond with his loving wife Lourna, and likes to balance professional and family life. His favorite pastime is to watch movies, playing Candy Crush and cooking. He loves traveling, sightseeing, and listening to music. He likes to help people to find solutions to their problems. His aim in life is to serve people without any expectation.

Matt Hartline

Creative Director

Matt was an industrial designer before entering the fascinating world of exhibits as the Creative Director of Absolute Exhibits. He worked in Atlanta and San Francisco before settling in southern California. He received a bachelor of science from Georgia Tech where he had the time of his life playing the party circuit with his band.

Matt is married with a daughter and a son. His hobbies include hiking and camping and he jogs for his health!

Paul Yap

IT Director

Paul is the IT Director at Absolute Exhibits. He began working with Absolute Exhibits over a decade ago. Utilizing his CS degree from Pitzer College he took over database and website programming duties. Absolute Exhibits’ small business environment gave him the opportunity to grow into other areas of tech such as networking and security. Nowadays you can find Paul involved in anything that requires electricity (very challenging).

Paul recently married and is very much looking forward to starting a family. In his spare time he cooks, he had to give up snowboarding as he had one too many accidents.

Tracy Huynh


Tracy is the Controller at Absolute Exhibits. She got her Bachelor Degree in Accounting from California State University, Fullerton. Tracy joined Absolute Exhibits Inc. in 2004. She started out as a staff accountant doing Account Payables and Account Receivables. Her current duties are maintaining general ledgers, creating monthly financial statement, doing payroll, and managing the Accounting Department.

Tracy and her husband live in the city of Orange. Tracy likes to hang out with her family and her friends, watch movies, and go to beach in her spare times. She and her husband love to travel.

Mike Plata

Director of Marketing

Mike Plata is the Director of Marketing at Absolute Exhibits. He has a passion for strategic marketing and technology and is responsible for marketing, branding and advertising efforts at Absolute Exhibits. Mike has architected a number of campaigns for high-profile brands, including GE Healthcare and Wyland Foundation, and has served on the Digital Marketing advisory board for California State University of Fullerton. Mike attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration with emphasis in International Business and Marketing. He loves traveling and is an avid music fan. In his free time, Mike writes and plays music on guitar, drums, bass and other random instruments, as well attends concerts and live shows.

Kiefer Bearden

Asset Manager

Kiefer’s role as Asset Manager is to facilitate the manufacturing process for Absolute Exhibits’ projects. This includes sourcing of materials and organizing labor. He is hands-on with implementing designs, and is responsible for the custom elements of the exhibit.

Having comprehensive experience in the glass and glazing industry, specific to construction, Kiefer had an association with Absolute Exhibits for five years prior to joining the company in February, 2014. Kiefer enjoys the fast pace, ever changing criteria, deadlines, and demands of the job. In his spare time he enjoys dabbling in the culinary arts.

Account Executives

Creative Design

Marlon Aragon

Production Artist

Marlon is the Senior Production Artist who oversees all graphics going to trade shows. He makes sure all graphics turn out great and it is his duty to check each and every single art file for issues and aid you along the way. After being the first individual from his family to graduate from a 4-year college, he did an internship for a few months in Beverly Hills and then later found a home at Absolute Exhibits. He is the nicest person in the world and will try his hardest to make sure you are happy.

Outside of work, Marlon tries to keep active by going to the gym, running on the nice sandy beaches of Southern California or simply walking the dogs. He enjoys trying out new restaurants, his favorite color is blue and enjoys traveling to new places.

Brent Sparkman

Senior Creative Designer

Brent has been a Creative Designer with Absolute Exhibits since January of 2014. After receiving Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Auburn University Brent moved from Alabama to Southern California for sunny beaches and to pursue a career in design. After a few years working as a contract and freelance designer he found Absolute Exhibits to be a great fit. Brent enjoys the variety and challenge of each project he takes on as well as building a relationship with clients to better understand their design needs.

In his spare time Brent enjoys watching football, going to the beach, cruising down PCH in his convertible, and traveling with his wife. He is continually chasing ways to become a better designer and further hone his skills.

Raluca Bratu

Creative Designer

Raluca Bratu is a trained Architect and a member of our Creative Design team in Romania. As an architect she has considerable experience in the field, as she started working from University, with skills in housing design, building design , interior design and landscape design. She lives in Bucharest Romania, but she was born and raised in Focsani.

She is a very sociable person, in her free time she loves to go to art opening exhibitions and jazz concerts. Also she enjoys swimming and hiking. She is a cat person and she adore her “ blue eyed “ pet.

Dana Ursu

Creative Designer

Dana joined the team in May 2014 in the role of exhibit designer. She is an Architect from Romania with experience in preparing architectural plans, sections, and details for houses, industrial buildings and interiors. Friends describe her as a creative and funny person. Her passions include reading, riding her bike, and creating handmade jewelry from polymer clay. In her free time you can find Dana in a library, documenting about energy efficiency in a building and how to reduce the ecological footprint of buildings.

Alexandra Constantinescu

Creative Designer

Alexandra is our newest Creative Designer on our team in Romania. She is an Architect graduated from University in July 2014, with a degree in Interior Architecture. She took part in several architecture and design workshops abroad, experiences which helped her improve her team working and communication skills, and also helped her meet people with different backgrounds than hers.

Her passions include sports, contemporary dance, theater and traveling. She dreams of seeing many places in the world and living by the sea.

Brandusa Popescu

Creative Designer

Brandusa graduated from Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism with an emphasis in Conservation and Restoration of Architecture in the beautiful city of Bucharest, Romania. She has over 5 years of experience working on architecture projects during her schooling and continuing freelance after graduating in 2014.

Brandusa is a big fan of Deconstructionism – a development of postmodern architecture – and has experience in housing and interior design as this is one of her passions. She takes pride in her attention to details.

Nikeeta Kanagaraj

Graphics Specialist

Nikeeta is the Graphics Specialist at Absolute Exhibits. She attended The Art Institute of California – Hollywood and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Set and Exhibit Design. Her studies included industrial design as it pertains to the entertainment industry, including exhibits, film, theater, events and museums. Nikeeta is highly proficient in Vectorworks, AutoCAD, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

Nikeeta has always had a passion for the arts and creative design. She studied “Bharat Natyam”, a traditional Indian classical dance for 5 years and one day dreams to have her own dance studio. In her spare time, Nikeeta enjoys art, playing computer games and spending quality time with friends.

Project Detailing

Victor Perez

Associate Detailer

Victor Perez Joined Absolute Exhibits, Inc. in February 2015. As a Design Engineer he assists the department to accomplish timely and precise production packets for both custom and rental exhibits. He lives and works out of Las Vegas Nevada, where he hopes to increasingly develop sustainable design production.

Here he hopes to grow his understanding in the exhibit industry and further his construction knowledge. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his girlfriend exploring the desert that surrounds the valley. He avidly skateboards and tinkers with his project cars.

Chad Cade

Associate Detailer

Chad joined Absolute Exhibits as a Design Engineer in July 2015. Originally from Ohio he has lived and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada for nine years. With a background in residential construction and design he has been in the exhibit industry for two years. Chad received his Associates Degree from ITT Technical Institute in Dayton, OH and is currently working toward a Degree in Engineering at the College of Southern Nevada.

When he is not working Chad enjoys traveling, riding motorcycles and fishing.

Andrei Dobos

Associate Detailer

Andrei joined Absolute Exhibits as a Detailer in August 2015. Originally from Onesti, Romania he has lived and worked in Bucharest for ten years. With a background in residential construction and design. Andrei received his Architecture Degree from “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism. When he is not working Andrei enjoys, playing guitar and fishing.


Irina Cristea

Associate Detailer

Irina Cristea was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania or as Irina says, “the land of vampires and Nadia Comaneci”.

Since graduating as an architect in 2010, Irina has accumulated diverse experience, including packaging design, interior design, furniture design and residential architecture.

Her greatest passion in life – besides architecture, of course – is music. Irina loves singing and listening to music, attending concerts, supporting local bands and, in her spare time, rocking out with her own band.

One of her goals in life is to travel everywhere in the world at least once. Irina is very sociable, positive and outgoing, and is described by her friends as a funny and uplifting person.

She enjoys reading in general but especially likes sci-fi novels. Irina is a big movie buff and enjoys going to the theater and dancing.

Project Coordination & Management

Nicholas Teramura

Project Manager

Nick is currently working as the General Manager of Operations for Absolute Exhibits’ Las Vegas office and warehouse. He has been called to ensure that Las Vegas is running at optimal potential by providing training, development, and managerial assistance to the supervisors and leads. He started working as a Project Manager and realized that his true calling was within the leadership team at Absolute Exhibits. He was born and raised in Orange, California, received his MA from Chapman University and his B.A from U.C Riverside.

Nicholas always dreamed of living underneath the neon lights and fast paced city life in Las Vegas. He relocated in 2013 and has loved every minute of it. Prior to working for Absolute Exhibits he worked in retail sales and customer service. Customer service has always been his goal and at Absolute Exhibits he gets to pursue that goal with the ability to manage a winning team!

Trica Runyan

Project Coordinator

Trica joined Absolute Exhibit in 2014 as a Project Manager. She started her career in the tradeshow industry with Aramark Sports & Entertainment, moving up in the ranks and eventually becoming show manager. She has helmed several large shows for CES, NAB & MAGIC and has worked with Sony and Microsoft. As a project manager, Trica oversees the client’s exhibit through the design and installation process as well as planning the logistics on show day. She believes that understanding a client’s objectives is the key to a successful exhibit.

When she is not working, Trica enjoys reading, spending time with friends and hanging out with her three young grandsons.

Frank Hsu

Project Coordinator

Frank has recently joined Absolute Exhibits as a Project Manager. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to southern California when he was ten. After receiving his degree in Psychology from University of California, Irvine, he joined his family in their construction business and worked all of the jobs – as people do in the family business. Their particular business centered on hotel renovation and Frank quickly became the project manager. With many years of construction project experience moving to the exhibit industry and handling project management has been an easy transition.

Frank joined Absolute Exhibits when he and his wife, a dentist, moved to Las Vegas last year. They have two children a three year old and a newborn. When asked how he spends his free time he laughed – so we settled on when he had free time, past life, what did he do? Snowboarded, surfed, went to the gym, and watched movies … well those days are gone!

michael stef

Michael Stef

Project Coordinator

Michael Stef joined the Absolute Exhibits team in 2016 as a Project Coordinator. His prior project management role was in the landscape industry so he is excited for the opportunity to expand his expertise into the trade show business industry.

One of his best traits is his personality. He always tries to bring a smile to people’s faces and challenges himself to make a difference in the lives of the people he meets everyday.

When Michael is not working he loves spending his time with his 10 nieces and nephews. He is excited to have a family of his own but says “nieces and nephews will do for now!” He also spends his spare time making quick weekend vacation getaways from his fast paced lifestyle. He looks forward to traveling and experiencing new cities with the Absolute Exhibits team.


Lien Luu


Lien is currently working in the Accounting Department for Absolute Exhibits, Inc., handling Receivable and Payable accounts, assisting the controller and CFO with various tasks. She has been with the company since 2008 with a degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton in California, USA.

She is blessed with two daughters. She enjoys spending time with family and loves the beach – the smell of fresh ocean breeze. Personal thought about life – appreciate what you have, respect others and do your best and the rest let God take the wheel.