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When it comes to exhibiting at a trade show, it’s all about capturing the most traffic that you can and ideally turning that traffic into potential sales.  One of the best ways to do this is by embracing innovation in the design of your trade show display.  In a sea of boring, cookie cutter trade show exhibits show services will sell you, you want to be the one standing out in a good way.  The best way to do this is to innovate your design and stand head and shoulders above your competition.  Are you using any of these trade show display design ideas?

Feature Bold Lighting in Your Trade Show Display

You’d be surprised how exciting lighting can be as a part of your trade show display.  There are so many options- different leveled lights as a focal point, colorful options, and fun shapes that can be added to nearly any kiosk, demo stand or corner of your trade show display.  Using lighting as a source of innovation in your trade show display captures people’s attention immediately and they are instantly attracted to your trade show display.  Consider how you can incorporate this element into your next trade show exhibit design.  Lighting doesn’t just need to be recessed or canned to shine down on your products- it can be a bold design element of your trade show display.

trade show display design

Showcase Extra Large Props in Your Trade Show Display

Props are becoming increasingly popular in trade show display design.  The reason why is they attract a lot of attention.  When your prop performs some sort of movement, such as spitting out a life-sized picture, people start buzzing about your trade show display across the convention hall.  Some of the most picture-worthy elements of a trade show display are larger than life props.  People love to take pictures with them, to Instagram and tweet these out, and tag your company and the show.  This is great press for you and encourages even more traffic to your trade show booth.  It’s a win-win situation for you to embrace this kind of innovation.


Introduce Movement into Your Trade Show Display

We’ve said it many a time- motion captures people’s eyes.  This is why it’s one of the most important elements of your trade show display.  When you have motion in your display, whether because of a prop, a spinning sign, gamification, or a focal point, the motion captures people’s eyes.  The reason why is in a sea of brightly colored signage, the thing moving is what will make you do the double take.  This split second is all the encouragement someone needs to check out your trade show display.  It may seem like a small innovation, but most exhibitors are not yet using motion as a part of their trade show display design.  Because of this, you’ll stand out on the trade show floor.

trade show exhibit models

Embrace Technology in Your Trade Show Display

Technology evolves in the blink of an eye, so today’s cutting-edge technology may soon become passe tomorrow.  Today’s trends include a variety of technology that is easily incorporated into a trade show display such as touch screens, virtual reality, augmented reality simulations, and gamification devices that all tell a visual story.  Because so many exhibitors solely engage people’s visual sense, technology that engages the sense of touch is very popular.  And who doesn’t love playing with the latest technologies?  We all love hitting buttons and seeing what they do, whether on screen or off.  Imagine how you can integrate these technologies in your trade show display.

CES trade show booth

There are many ways in which you can highlight innovation in your trade show display.  For more great ideas, contact your exhibit design house partner.  With decades of experience across multiple industries, they’ll be able to guide you and focus those ideas into something fantastic.

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