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No matter your industry, you can either enhance your brand value or denigrate it with your trade show exhibit.  If you show up at a trade show with a shabby booth, prospective customers will likely think that your business isn’t doing well.  A better idea is to rent a custom trade show exhibit that will enhance your brand value and never get stale as it can grow with your business. Try these creative trade show design ideas to look like an industry leader at every budget.

Pick a Creative Trade Show Design Theme

Who doesn’t love a creative trade show design theme?  We’ve had a lot of fun over the years designing things like green houses, barns, wooden shacks, a lemon tree with swings, and more.  Creative trade show design can make your exhibit stand out on the trade show floor and can excite prospective customers.  People love a good trade show design and want to be delighted by your exhibit.  Creative trade show design can enhance your brand value and make you look like an innovator, no matter your booth size or budget.

trade show display

Get Tactile and Immerse People in Your Brand

Whether you’re exhibiting at a food or technology trade show, it’s important and quite easy to immerse people in your brand.  At technology shows, this could be touch screens to allow people to demo your product or design stations, at a food show, this could be displaying produce.  Depending on your industry, your trade show design would benefit from the inclusion of immersive elements to put your brand front and center in attendees’ eyes.

trade show booth

Use Strategic Lighting

Good trade show design incorporates lighting, movement, and color.  These are the things that people are attracted to on the trade show floor.  However, if budget or your particular design aesthetic doesn’t allow for all 3, then you can still use strategic lighting to make your exhibit stand out.  Whether your exhibit is backlit fabric or bridges with hanging lights, strategic lighting can make your exhibit look great all thanks to your trade show design.

Synology trade show booth

Surprise People with Unexpected Elements

Machine and packaging shows are often focused on metal machinery sitting in the middle of their booth.  What surprises people and attracts them to certain booths aren’t necessarily the machinery, but it can be unexpected trade show design.  How often do you see a 3D backlit cheetah on a machinery exhibit?  Or how often do you see simple and elegant wooden arches with down lighting at packaging shows? If you incorporate unexpected elements into your trade show design, you can maximize your presence on the trade show floor and encourage people to talk about you positively.

Pharmaworks custom exhibit custom logo

Make Your Presence Known with a Light Box

If you’re exhibiting in a smaller exhibit, you don’t necessarily have to pull out all the bells and whistles in your trade show design.  By adding a light box, you can light up your logo or messaging to make an impact on the trade show floor. Light boxes are unobtrusive and can incorporate into almost any design. Whether large or small, your trade show design can help you stand out and enhance your brand value.

light boxes trade show exhibit

Build Up Up Up

Let’s face it, double deck trade show displays are impressive.  They command a lot of attention because of the sheer size.  When you couple the size with impressive trade show design, you can make your brand look good.  No matter your industry, a double deck exhibit commands a lot of attention and people want to go check out the big exhibit on the trade show floor.  Your brand will look like it’s doing quite well as an industry leader.

double deck trade show design idea

There are many ways you can make your brand look good on the trade show floor.  These are only some of the trade show design ideas we’ve got.  For more ideas, contact us and speak with one of our Account Executives who can steer you in the right direction or visit our design search tool.

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