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Rhino Fused Polycarbonate

The National Park Service has been using Rhino™ panels since 2007. Rhino™ fused polycarbonate panels offer the unsurpassed impact strength of polycarbonate with an outstanding U.V. stability. Rhino is highly resistant to weathering, discoloration, surface haze, loss of impact strength and other properties after prolonged outdoor exposure. Rhino panels represent a scientific breakthrough in polycarbonate sheet technology which, through a unique extrusion process, imparts ultra-violet resistance to the polycarbonate structure itself. Rhino panels have a 10 year warranty. We recommend Rhino™ panels for harsh environments like beaches where sand can blast the sign face, in or under water, areas with extreme temperatures and especially in high traffic areas with excessive vandalism.


No other exterior grade graphic panels can match the superior print quality of Rhino™. Our state of the art technology turns full-color graphics into stunning images easily and economically. By using innovative materials and imaging tools even old or damaged originals can be enhanced. We offer full-color, half or full size proofs making the proofing, review, and approval process even more accurate.


Rhino™ is completely graffiti and shatter proof. Only Rhino™ panels can be easily and entirely reclaimed from vandalism, and require no regularly scheduled maintenance or cleaning. Rhino™ panels resist fading in sunlight and decomposition due to the elements, withstanding both extreme heat and extreme cold. The solvent resistant facing allows the surface to be cleaned of spray paint and ‘permanent’ markers, leaving you with truly stunning, easy to own and durable graphic panels. The reasons to choose Rhino™ are as follows:

• The most durable and vandal resistant graphic panels
• Photographic quality full-color prints
• From 1/10″, 1/8″, 1/4″ to 1/2″
• No frame is required
• Thick polymer facing keeps images away from the elements and vandals
• Resists impact without cracking or chipping even in extreme weather
• Rhino™ comes with a ten year warranty
• Can be routed to shape or chamfered and casts or molds can be attached
• Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks from final proof approval to completion
• Available back-of-sign screw inserts with tamper-resistant hardware for wall, railings & posts
• Graphics can be made from your digital files or our art team can create them for you.
• Rhino™ is the most economical choice of all graphic panels

For more information or to order a free Graphic panel sample, please contact Absolute Exhibits at 714-685-2820 or email us at [email protected]

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