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Traveling Exhibits

The design and fabrication of an outstanding traveling exhibit involves the interfacing of people with many different talents and skills. Our approach to design, fabrication and transportation of traveling exhibits incorporates the most up-to-date modular hardware systems and lighting techniques.

Traveling exhibits have most of the inherent problems of a permanent exhibit installation, but pose some unique challenges such as conformability to varying and unique space, size and shape limitations. Each exhibition is unique and there is no one solution for all problems. The use of custom modular hardware systems and their subsequent adaptability for reconfiguration allows viewers to experience the exhibit as if they were visiting a permanent exhibit installation. The use of interchangeable stacking panels with simple connectors and lightweight architectural aluminum extrusions and titanium-finished steel stanchions with an incredible array of substrate materials are inventive solutions that are used every day by corporate America on tradeshow floors. Additional alternatives are new banner systems, magnetized fabric assemblies and the entirely new alternative of tension fabric structures. All of these solutions fit into boxes, can be palletized and shipped inexpensively. It may seem impossible to construct an exhibit with an architectural presence that can easily be shipped by UPS, Fed Ex, or a small truck, but the
transformation of an area into a dramatic exhibition presence is indeed achievable.

The search for creative approaches to traveling exhibit designs begins in our clients’ offices where our team will ask the right questions to help re-conceptualize your exhibit for the maximum impact as well as ease of set up, tear down and mobility. We realize that each exhibit requires unique solutions. Additionally, we can offer advice on alternative presentation methods and recommend the best material choices.

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