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Custom Fabrication Purchases

Absolute Exhibits Custom Exhibit Purchases are destination points on the trade show floor, an amalgamation of form and experience that generates traffic and sales leads. We specialize in combining the element and power of a three-dimensional exhibit “environment” to produce an extension of the corporate client’s image. Our Custom Exhibit Purchases are the correct choice for companies that have precise and detailed needs and superior resources. Custom exhibit options use cabinetmaking techniques and metal fabrication for construction. This building method allows for precise sizes, colors, curvatures and angles, required by a project. They are done to exacting measurements.

These exhibits are also known for their clean lines, since they do not require the use of exposed modular aluminum extrusions. This customization does necessitate a larger budget for this fabrication technique. The cost per square foot of these jobs is significantly higher than a modular exhibit, since they are considered, a throwaway, in most cases.

Besides being customized to meet a particular company’s needs, they are not engineered to be modular, portable, easy to install or shipping friendly. Many of these projects have to be finished at show site, during setup. Custom exhibits typically have an intensive use of graphics.


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