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Fabric Enhanced Exhibit Rentals

Fabric Enhanced Exhibit

Why print a picture of your product when you can transform your space into that product? Just as the world of hanging signs changed with the advent of fabric structures so can your exhibit structure. Absolute Exhibits has a comprehensive line of tension fabric walls, towers, and hanging shapes that add definition to any environment. Add lighting or branding with printed graphics by purchasing a fabric cover and renting a frame.

Tension Fabric Structure Rentals are an economical way to exhibit with a modern and trendy look at an affordable price. Each fabric structure rental solution offers a dynamic and versatile range of features that allows you to create the trade show booth space that is best suited for your company. Renting a tension fabric trade show display helps your company reduce costs, while removing the need to find an exhibit storage space when the booth is no longer in use. Whether you have a small 8×8 along the wall or a giant show space in the center of it all, you can be the toast of the show with a booth that elevates your brand and your visibility as vibrantly as possible!

At Absolute Exhibits we mix hard wall construction with fabric walls and structures. There is a great cost savings in using fabric structures and with the right design they can be used over and over in a range of exhibit sizes. Less weight means less drayage costs, along with the ease of adding to an exhibit for branding purposes. Best yet — the storage cost is negligible. Adding fabric display elements to an exhibit add achieves functionality, elevates your overall style, improves lightweight portability and simplifies show set-up.

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Explore the photo gallery below for a brief look at some of our latest Fabric Enhanced Exhibits. For more design ideas and inspiration, use our Exhibit Design Search tool to browse hundreds of exhibits by type, size, industry and more.

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