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A trade show exhibit can serve many functions for an exhibiting company. While most companies view their tradeshow booths as three dimensional sales presentations, they can be so much more valuable when properly designed and thought out.

* Exhibits work excellently as sales displays. No matter product or service, a properly chosen tradeshow floor is a great opportunity to show off your wares and services to a wide range of potential clients. An exhibit helps you showcase your best side. Products in display cases, atop pedestals, or highlighted via large format graphics attract attention from passers by when shown off with style.
* Demonstrations and letting people get hands on with what you have to offer is another great way to engage with your potential customers. The interactive exhibit area allows customers to not just talk about it, but experience it. The best tradeshow stands are those that provide something memorable to talk about after the customer returns home to their office.
* Most often overlooked at US shows, but prevalent frequently at shows abroad, the exhibit booth should be your remote office and meeting space. Filled with conference rooms, coffee bars, and semi private meeting lounges, the exhibit floor can become a whirlwind selling opportunity. The key to success is planning, and that means keeping your meeting rooms full with pre-show scheduled meetings.

A good exhibit will visually differentiate you from the competition while attracting immediate attention. A good exhibit should tell who you are, what product or service you have, and what solutions you offer. And finally, a good exhibit will capture attendees attention before they walk to the next booth.

We offer exhibits a company can rent or purchase — with rentals making up 85% of our business. Many choose to rent and exhibit and nor purchase because exhibit displays do not appreciate and rentals free-up cash flow. If you purchase a reconfigurable exhibit there are a number of factors and money that goes into prepping for each different-sized trade show. Once you have purchased you have "your look" for at least three-five years. However, if you attend ten plus shows a year, and stay consistent in your exhibit size — you must consider purchasing.

In an attempt to simplify our offerings, we have broken down the rental options into custom, hybrid, system, and pavillions. Similarly, exhibits for purchase are categorized into custom, hybrid, system, and portables.

Most frequently, our exhibit system of choice is Meroform, a leading German exhibit systems manufacturer. The scope of the exhibit systems they have developed and manufacture provide exhibit companies worldwide with a vast array of building blocks to use in the development of the most advanced and impressive exhibits built today. Absolute Exhibits is proud to be the United States master distributor and license manufacture of these systems.

Our account executives will sit down with you and help you analyze both the rental and purchase offerings and how best these suit your needs.

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