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EZ6 Eureka

EZ6 Eureka – $16,800 turnkey (includes installation, dismantle and shipping to show dock) rental price
graphics – consult with sales rep

Areas covered in posted pricing: San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Chicago, IL; Orlando, FL

Out of Venue: Any locations outside of above cities most likely will require an “out of venue” fee of $500 to $2500

*4 black counters with shelves and locking storage
*4 full height slatwall for product displays
*24 shelves for products
*4 corner towers with wing walls for company name and graphics
*4 popped-up Doorway headers
*Silver truss
*est. weight 1,600 pounds

Click on picture to enlarge

20×20 Island, total height 11’6"

A. 4 – 34" wide black slatwall panels
B. 4 – 46.75" wide curved fabric panel*
C. 8 – 47.5" wide fabric panel*
D. 4 – 39" high, black, velcro adhering fabric covered standalone counter unit with shelves and locking storage
E. 24 – 46" wide silver aluminum shelves
F. Arm lights, to your specifications (50 watts)

*Available in a selection of solid fabric colors. Velcro adhering fabric black only add $100.

Recommended Graphics Package (add-on)
G. (required) 4 – Full Color fabric, exterior header graphic: 46.75″W x 41.75″H
H. (required) 4 – Full Color fabric, interior header graphic: 46.75″W x 41.75″H
I. 4 – Full Color fabric header graphic: 47.5″W x 18.75″H
J. 4 – Front panel. Full Color on Polystyrene with hook velcro: 33″W x 37″H

Any panels A – C may be full color fabric graphics as well

KITS DO NOT INCLUDE chairs, tables, computers, monitors/cables, carpet or graphics. Click here to view accessory packages.

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