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As ecological issues continue to feature in news headlines, there’s been a lot of attention on “going green”.  The trade show industry is not immune to these concerns.  Across multiple industries, businesses are seeking opportunities to go green with their trade show display.  This phrase means various things to various people, but there are many opportunities to not only improve your trade show design with greenery, but to also use environmentally friendly products and providers in the design of your trade show display.  Try these tips in advance of your next trade show:

Add Green Plants as Accents to Your Trade Show Display

Everyone loves living plants- they look great and they have the benefit of cleaning our air through the process of phytoremediation.  This means plants absorb the toxins in the air and then absorb the gasses through their roots and leaves.  By adding living plants to an attractive wall display or in pots around your exhibit, you take active steps towards minimizing your own carbon footprint in the exhibit hall.  Green plants can be used in a variety of creative ways to highlight logos, add panache to a bridge, or provide a bit of privacy to a lounge area.  How you use the, is limited only by your imagination.  Consider adding some leafy greens to your trade show display at your next show.

Joulon trade show display greenery

Use CAM Panels to Construct Your Trade Show Display

While made out of wood, CAM panels are responsibly sourced wood.  They are also durable and reusable panels that will last throughout many shows during the year. Some countries construct out of cheap wood and at the end of the show, they literally bulldoze a trade show display and toss it out back in the dumpster to burn.  These kinds of builds are called “turn and burns” and they’re popular in regions where construction materials and labor are extremely cheap.  CAM panels, on the other hand, will last for years.  It’s not uncommon for a rental CAM panel to be used for 5 years with new graphics relaid over the panel for each new client.  Consider this material for your next trade show display over lesser quality items that cannot be reused.

trade show display design

Work with an Exhibit Design House Partner with a Strong Sustainability Program

When considering how to maximize your green initiative in your next trade show display, consider working with an exhibit design house that gives back to the environment.  For example, Absolute Exhibits partners with One Tree Planted, which plants trees for every tree used in trade show display construction.  We keep accurate records of every square foot of wood used in order to calculate how many trees that amounts to.  Using those figures, we donate in order to replenish the forests in North America, South America, Africa and Asia.  This is a commitment towards a sustainable future full of leafy green trees to provide shelter for our ecosystem and clean harmful gasses from our air.  Consider these kinds of corporate sustainability programs the next time your business is in the market for a trade show display.

One Tree Planted Environmental Sustainability

Ditch the Printed Marketing Materials 

For decades, exhibitors have printed up brochures, flyers and other takeaways to distribute at their trade show display.  The problem with these materials is they always go to waste.  Just look at the end of any trade show and you’ll see miles of littered brochures cast aside.  We’re in the technology age now and it’s easier, simpler, and a greener approach to get creative with technology instead.  Consider incorporating a QR code into the graphics of your trade show display so that people can scan the code to learn more about your business’ goods and services.  This is far easier for people to access at a later date, offers more creativity and interest to trade show attendees, and gives exhibitors the freedom to dive deeper than a brochure alone.  The added benefit is you can create specific landing pages that reiterate your messaging at your trade show display. And using Google Tag Manager, you can easily track the source of this traffic, giving you a clearer picture of the actual amount of interested leads and prospects.  This further allows you to create an automated drip marketing plan to provide more touchpoints and move a lead further down the sales funnel.

Absolute Exhibits trade show exhibit

Rent a Trade Show Display that Features Textured Video Walls

If you’re concerned about the use of wood in your trade show display, there’s a really exciting option that will also provide the “wow” factor on the trade show floor.  Try renting a trade show display with video walls.  Using video walls, you’re able to recreate any desired texture- waves, waterfalls, sandy ripples, clouds, you name it.  If you can imagine it, you can project it in your trade show booth.  While a little less cost effective than traditional CAM panels, it provides an excellent way for your team to go green and stand out on the trade show floor.

trade show display

These are just a few of the many ways in which your business can go green and reduce your carbon footprint with your trade show display.  Being ecologically sensitive and exhibiting at a trade show are not mutually exclusive.  For more great ideas, contact your Account Executive in advance of your next design.

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