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Green Conscious Exhibiting

In a world where quality environment is key, where green grass is wanted, and where green drives business, how could the exhibit industry look the other way?

Going green and becoming green has never been more urgent for both exhibitors and exhibit suppliers. This is a very difficult bar to jump over as working in very tight time constraints with union restrictions, makes the challenge not just about turning on the green light in our workshop, but also on the trade show floor.

While the formula for being green has yet to be clearly established the Absolute Exhibits idea is to be Green Conscious. For your next trade show, partner with Absolute Exhibits and minimize waste by renting an exhibit made of prefabricated, reusable systems components and still achieve a sophisticated look while being environmentally aware. Amongst the many new initiatives we have undertaken at Absolute Exhibits:

* We are working diligently to recycle our exhibit building materials including steel, aluminum scraps, recyclable plastics, and wood trimmings.
* All exhibit carpeting is steam cleaned, repaired, and cut to a new size to minimize waste through repeated reuse.
* Carpet padding is reused as packing materials and recycled into new reclaimed carpet pad.
* In our offices we have maximized technology for our internal processes to reduce paper consumption and reduce electricity use.

When we talk about "saving the planet," or being "environmentally friendly" it seems people take sides instantly. Why is this? It seems many people believe it is expensive to go green and while that may be true in some areas, that does not have to be the case with exhibiting.

Here is what we know, as more people reduce their ecological footprint by becoming conscious consumers, each person’s effort, no matter how small, will make a large, hopefully long lasting difference as the whole for the whole!

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