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Hybrid Exhibit Purchases

Hybrid exhibits are adaptable displays. Hybrid exhibits are a mix of custom and system parts. Companies that have certain needs but do not have quite enough budget for a custom exhibit will opt for this technique. We customize about a third of the exhibition parts and build two thirds of the exhibit with modular aluminum systems to keep the costs within budget constraints.

Only a few important components of the booth will be customized, such as — counters, display cases, shelving systems and others that need to meet the product specifications. This is more of the pizzazz of the exhibit — the eye-catchers so to speak. The other construction parts such as walls and storage rooms are built out of modular aluminum systems. This keeps material, shipping, and drayage costs down. This is especially important for companies that ship their exhibit all over the country and install and dismantle at many shows during the year.

Hybrid exhibits are moderate in the use of graphics. They will typically have the company’s logo and a few strategic graphics.

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