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Marketing 101 — What happens when you don’t show up on the trade show floor?

Let’s add to your frustration by answering with a few more questions. Then it might become very apparent what you need to do …

*At one time you thought this was an important show — and most probably you have already paid for the concrete — is it still important?
*Does your core group of clients attend this show?
*Is this a social event for your company or a true selling experience?
*If you are not on the show floor will rumors and innuendo be plentiful?

Okay, so now you most likely feel that you need to go — maybe not next year — but you have spent money already and you have not started rumor control (next year you can prepare your audience well in advance for your new show schedule).

So let’s rethink your booth space. We have done this concept very successfully for a number of clients including ourselves at Euroshop — create a lounge with meeting space, a coffee and juice bar, a plasma screen within a comfortable resting area, and some tables and chairs. Low budget, inviting, maybe a few product pieces — no stress for clients who will probably stop by a number of times. If you pre-show market — and everyone should — send an invitation to your lounge. You could even add electric foot massagers!

There are so many things you can do to cut your budget — but taking a complete turn and stripping your exhibit down to bare bones while making it inviting — well this just works. We have experienced it first hand. No hard sell. If you need to bring product we can move out the tables — or add a display case. What you are seeing is bare bones for a 20′ island in Las Vegas – $12,000, this includes all that you see including the graphic signs, furniture, small refrigerator, shelving rack, carpet, pad, installation and dismantle, shipping to the show in Las Vegas. Add some carpet and pad, spread out and it will fit a 30 foot island. Call with your concerns, tell us your money issues, do not compare to what you had last year. This is a new year and a new time — and maybe you can return to all of the bells and whistles next year — but you need to be at your most important shows! We have taken the vow to get all of our past clients that need to be on the show floor a way to get there — New clients are welcome – call us today! If you are going to a show in southern California – just add $1500 and you can have all that you see!

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