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There are numerous trade shows across America, including Natural Products East and Natural Products West, which focus solely on the presentation of natural products.  At these trade shows, in their zest to stand out on the trade show floor, some brands slap something together and call it a day.  This isn’t a best practice if you want to come across as authentic, though. Try the following tips to come across as more authentic at your next natural products show:

Design Your Trade Show Display out of Natural Elements

If your brand is selling natural products, doesn’t it also make sense that you’d want to construct a trade show display that looks like it’s made out of natural elements? This could mean CAM panels, which are responsibly sourced wood, or wrapping other materials to simulate wood or stone.  These natural elements connect with the messaging of natural products and enhance the look and feel of your trade show display.

exhibition stand

Keep Consistent Graphics and Messaging

When designing your graphics for your natural products trade show display, make sure your messaging is consistent.  What resonates with the crowd who attends natural products shows?  The key with your trade show display is to find the right graphics and messaging for the crowd and keep consistent.  You wouldn’t want to say one thing and then have to take 10 more minutes to explain as you’re giving out free samples.  What you display and what you say matters as people walking by are encouraged to stop for more than just a free cup of your product.

natural products trade show display

Choose Signage that Resonates with Natural Products

It’s easy to design a natural products trade show display and forget about the signage.  Yet your signage is a huge part of why people will notice your trade show display over another on the trade show floor.  Make sure you’ve got elements that clearly communicate that this is a natural product and not just any name in lights above your trade show display.  Being mindful of the little details will help your natural products brand to stand out on the show floor.

natural products trade show display

Choose a Compelling Theme

Themes are very popular among brands across all industries, whether their trade show display is seeking to sell technology or natural products.  One of our clients sells organic rose hip water.  To connect their product to a theme, they chose an apothecary.  This clever idea instilled a sense of nostalgia for the product, connecting people to a time before free radicals and chemical agents were present in our products.  As a result, their trade show display is always a hit when they exhibit.  Whether your trade show display is a purchase or a trade show booth rental, you can choose a compelling theme that tells an instant story of your natural products.

interactive exhibits

Choose a Focal Point or Prop that Connects with Nature

What better way to capture people’s attention than to design a trade show display with a focal point or prop that connects with nature?  This is not only a fun design element, it drives the point home that your product is all natural.  Depending upon the product, you can choose a variety of display options to make use of the space at your trade show display that highlight this focal point or merely support it unobtrusively.  Consider how you might try that at your next natural products trade show.

natural products trade show display

Designing a trade show display for a natural products trade show can be fun- whether you’ve got a large or small budget.  The key is to make it authentic and to deliver visually what your product promises.  When people stop to learn more or to sample your goods, that’s when you can have a deeper conversation that your visual trade show display can begin.

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