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Every year, NPEW is one of the largest trade shows in the natural products industry.  And every year, companies seeking to maximize their ROI, fail to attract the attention they want and need to their trade show exhibit. Instead of waiting around hoping attendees will swing by your trade show booth, maximize your trade show exhibit design in order to push them to your exhibit.  Consider the following ways in which you can accomplish this:

Use Your Trade Show Exhibit Design to Highlight Food Bars

At every NPEW, we all know that food bars are important to entice trade show attendees to stop by and sample your goods.  Part of the way you do this is through your trade show exhibit design.  Have you considered a food bar in the front to display your products or to pour drinks or display food items?  Your trade show exhibit design is incredibly important at shows like this because you need to allow people to see what it is you offer from down the aisle.  If they can’t see, smell, or hear the chatter about your food bar, you may miss out on the chatter about popular exhibits and products.

exhibition stand

Display Your Products Carefully in Your Trade Show Exhibit Design 

It’s long been said by chefs, particularly those who own wildly popular Michelin star establishments, that people eat with their eyes first.  How you display your products in your trade show exhibit design is very important.  Who will notice your organic cookies if they’re stacked behind you and 3 other people?  Bring them up front and make them a part of your trade show exhibit design in order to entice people to come to your trade show display.  Using this method, you’re far more likely to increase conversions and sell out of your stock or make deals with multiple establishments.

Koch Foods trade show exhibit design

Use Your Trade Show Exhibit Design to Encourage People to Hang Around 

Whether you’ve got a 10×20 trade show booth or larger, seating and opportunities to consume your samples is incredibly important. Have you thought out your seating in your trade show exhibit design?  Are there areas where people can perch on a ledge?  Or better, have you included bistro tables and chairs or benches and chairs to allow people to eat as a part of your trade show exhibit design?  Consider that in a show like this, everybody has food.  People are bombarded by tasty treats at every turn.  Be the exhibitor that allows them the space and comfort to enjoy these treats sitting down and relaxing.

natural products trade show display

Choose a Natural Theme to Highlight in Your Trade Show Exhibit Design

What is NPEW about?  It’s about natural and organic products!  If you want to resonate with the audience that attends NPEW, you need to choose a natural or organic trade show exhibit design theme.  It’s all about being authentic with your audience.  People can smell it when a brand isn’t authentic.  How often do brands get exposed for being full of chemicals and harmful ingredients when they call themselves “all natural”?  Don’t fall into that trap of being inauthentic with your crowd in order to try and sell more products.

branded island booth rental

There is no one way to exhibit at NPEW, but there are many great ideas you can take away from your conversations with your exhibit design house partner.  Consult your Account Executive and Creative Designer when you’re discussing your goals and learn what else you can do to enhance your design to increase conversions.

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