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Media Advertising

Beyond the Trade Show floor is the real world of copious millions of people that must be taught about new products and services. Today’s advertising world is markedly different from even fifteen or twenty years ago. In those days there were three television networks, large daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, and billboards on every corner. Now there are DVR’s to slide past the commercials, daily newspapers have been overtaken by internet news, magazines that tank every month, and more rules and regulations outlawing billboard placement in every major city. So, yes, the advertising world has changed — and because it has changed so much you need newly knowledgeable and educated people to keep up with it and share their insights with you.

We will deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations. Your brand and marketing are vital in increasing awareness and new business and staying a step ahead of your competition. Our team of media specialists will reinvest your company’s funds through negotiation and find creative ways to stretch your media budget and will enable us to create the best campaigns for you.

Our corporate video production team offers script writing, producing, directing, shooting, motion graphics and high-definition editing … a complete service in-house. We produce the greatest corporate videos in a stress free environment for our clients. We will fly to your headquarters and within a short period of time a slice of perfection will be delivered to your company door. From live-action and motion Graphic commercials to marketing communications and corporate videos, our newest division is already known for its distinctive style and dedication to creating top-notch video for TV, web or DVD.

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