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The trade show industry changes rapidly- from one show to another, you’d be surprised how many different trade show booth design trends are exhibited on the trade show floor. Whether electronics or recreational shows, you’d be surprised how many similarities there are on the trade show floor.   There are a variety of different trade show booth design elements that are common across industries that your brand needs to know about.  Consider the following trade show booth design trends you need to watch out for:

Trade Show Booth Design Trend #1: Wall of Foliage

Whether plants, flowers, or succulents, multiple industries are trying to spice up their trade show booth design with a wall of greenery.  The reason why is because greenery helps to humanize your brand and to give it a sense of life that your trade show booth might not otherwise communicate.  In some industries, it’s indicative of the kind of things your brand can produce.  In others, it suggests a warmth that might not otherwise be present in the industry.  Whatever your industry, a wall of foliage is a growing trend that more and more brands and industries are embracing.  Expect to see more of this on the trade show floor.

trade show booth design

Trade Show Booth Design Trend #2: Immersion

Increasingly, Generation Z and Millennials are taking on information gatherer positions in the workforce and even management.  It’s not enough to just present your brand in a trade show booth.  Now, people want and expect that you immerse them in your brand.  This is more than just handing them a brochure explaining your products.  We all know that people will throw those away either in a trash can on the trade show floor or in their hotel rooms.

Instead, it’s advisable to immerse people in your brand not only with your trade show booth design but also in the ways in which you tell your brand story.  This means by offering touch screens, gamification, a maze or event that requires you to solve a puzzle, or other tools to involve people so they understand not only what your product offerings are, but what they can do for them without being that creepy salesperson lurking.  Brand experiences and brand activations are becoming the most popular elements of trade show booth design and you have to step up to the plate to deliver something different than a simple booth with a table and chairs to interest people.

exhibit abroad trade show booth

Trade Show Booth Design Trend #3: Conveying the Feeling of Your Brand with Visual Elements

Depending upon your brand, a different visual element will convey a different feeling associated with your brand.  For example, one client of ours wanted to convey the feeling of speed that they associate with their software development.  How do you translate the feeling of speed into a trade show booth?  What we did was use multicolor racing stripes in the form of streamlined bridges.  In the center of the trade show booth, we designed a racing game that immersed people in the brand and further conveyed the visual story of their brand.  Imagine what visual story you could be telling about your brand with your trade show booth design- from towers to light boxes, hanging elements, props, towers, and more.  Consider how this could be used to differentiate your brand from another.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

Trends come and go, but the aforementioned 3 trade show booth design trends are poised to linger longer than a fly by night trend such as a specific color.  As you design your next trade show booth, think about how you can create something unique and influential with your exhibit design house partner.

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