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NAMM is fast approaching.  With the holidays around the corner, you know that means it’s soon time for the music industry to descend upon Anaheim, CA with row after row in the exhibit hall of instruments, musical accessories, and musicians.  How do you stand out from the crowd?  Try these NAMM trade show booth ideas to spruce up your NAMM trade show booth:

Choose an Exciting Theme for Your NAMM Trade Show Booth

When everyone else is choosing to pack their NAMM trade show booth full of instruments into every square inch, be different to gain more attention.  Instead, try choosing a theme.  For example, you could choose a western theme and build a booth that’s reminiscent of the wild west as one of our clients did.  This connected so well with their guitars and drew excited members of the public to their NAMM trade show booth.  If your brand represents something iconic like rock n’ roll, merengue, or more, you could choose a theme that brings that brand identity to life.

Music Link NAMM trade show booth

Set Up a Jam Pad

What better way to attract people to your NAMM trade show booth than with giving them an opportunity to make music?  Try including a jam pad where they can comfortably play your instruments in a sound proof booth.  People will wait in line to be able to strum on a guitar, play the bongos, or to try out your new amps playing their favorite song.  These kinds of unique opportunities resonate with people and create positive brand associations that will linger long after the show is done.  You may have a line at your NAMM trade show booth next year as well!

Fishman NAMM trade show booth

Offer Tactile Experiences

 Even if you’ve just jam packed your NAMM trade show booth with instruments, offer people the opportunity to touch your instruments or music accessories.  At a show where music is front and center, you want to entice people to touch and to play.  Offer an experiential event where you can teach people to play a song using your instruments live at your NAMM trade show booth.  This can be a fun way to immerse people in your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Brasil NAMM trade show booth

Host a Signing Event with a Star

Do you have connections to musicians that people are eager to meet?  Host a signing opportunity at your NAMM trade show booth. Get people excited and talking about your brand because your favorite front man, guitarist, or drummer is meeting fans and signing autographs at your NAMM trade show booth.  This is a great way to create buzz around the exhibit hall and to inspire people to remember your brand.  You were the brand that offered them an opportunity to meet a star.

When it comes to NAMM, it’s a large show with many different brands competing for attention.  Be the brand that stands out from the crowd with these ideas to spruce up your NAMM trade show booth.  For more great ideas, ask your exhibit design house partner for help.

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