Case Studies

When handed a series or group of parameters by a client we sit as a team, at least one representative from each of four departments along with the account executive – a designer, a project manager with daily on floor experience, an engineer to add structural integrity to the dream, and a lead installer that can realistically tell the group how long and how many people it will take to “build the dream.” Then we attempt to meet the goal on time and within the budget and along the way give the client a memorable exhibit, with great brand recognition, and long lasting retention value. In the afterglow of the dream production we sit down once more and produce a case study to be certain that we translated the clients wish list and all of the needs and wants into the compelling and unique display they came to us for in the first stages. That is a case study.


Design Challenge: Customer needed a way to provide real-time demonstrations of their innovative software to Booth visitors in a wireless network environment. The demo area needed to accommodate heavy traffic and support 12 demo stations that could be easily broken down each evening to protect its expensive equipment. Each demo station visitor needed room to interact, … Continue reading “Xtime”


Design Challenge: To create a welcoming environment that captured the Attendees attention to understand based on large Graphic tag lines just what it was they were offering within their new product line. Their primary objective was to individually showcase their entire automotive product, creating a hands on experience for their customer base as well as … Continue reading “Fras-Le”

Agexport PMA

Design Challenge: Fitting ten exhibitors with each company having equal prominence, a bar/serving area with seating, and a new modern look. Design Test: Working with government agencies or associations that promote exports, in most cases, have limited budgets , and equality of space issues. In this case the Guatemalan Pavilion had budgetary limitations which meant … Continue reading “Agexport PMA”

Teleplan Inc.

Design Challenge: In our present course of economic meltdown, companies are now looking beyond the obvious cuts such as payroll. The new target is trade show participation including the cost to rent space, rent and install the exhibit and, of course, “T & E” for company personnel. We’re now hearing this frequent phrase from many … Continue reading “Teleplan Inc.”

Air Liquide

Design Challenge: At any trade show the primary design factor is attracting attention. How do you attract attention? Be different. Be unique. Install red stop lights to stop the Aisle people and bring them in…..that’s the purpose of your exhibit! Case in point: A new client – Air Liquide – at the 2008 Semicon show … Continue reading “Air Liquide”


Design Challenge: To create an exhibit that gives the look of having a larger space than they actually had at the show. They have had much larger spaces at the show in the past and for this show they took a smaller space. The primary objective was to show their products (“O” rings) in a … Continue reading “Perlast”


Design Challenge: One of the objectives for Dallmeier at this show was to have a dominant presence not only in their segment of the show floor but to be visible by everyone. Their primary objective was to showcase their “eye in the sky” security cameras and their IP based security system. The underlying message was … Continue reading “Dallmeier”

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