Case Studies

When handed a series or group of parameters by a client we sit as a team, at least one representative from each of four departments along with the account executive – a designer, a project manager with daily on floor experience, an engineer to add structural integrity to the dream, and a lead installer that can realistically tell the group how long and how many people it will take to “build the dream.” Then we attempt to meet the goal on time and within the budget and along the way give the client a memorable exhibit, with great brand recognition, and long lasting retention value. In the afterglow of the dream production we sit down once more and produce a case study to be certain that we translated the clients wish list and all of the needs and wants into the compelling and unique display they came to us for in the first stages. That is a case study.


Absolute Exhibits Client: Xtime

Account Executive: Terry Smith

Show: NADA

Trade Show Location: Las Vegas, NV

Exhibit Size: 30×30’

Description: Display Solution

Design Challenge: Customer needed a way to provide real-time demonstrations of their innovative software to Booth visitors in a wireless network environment. The demo area needed to accommodate heavy traffic and support 12 demo stations that could be easily broken down each evening to protect its expensive equipment. Each demo station visitor needed room to interact, face-to-face, with an On-site Xtime presenter. The challenge was to mount, tether and provide power and network connectivity to each of the 12 tablet devices in a demo configuration that meet all these needs.

Design Solution: Absolute Exhibits suggested that Xtime design two separate demo counters for its booth. These identical counters or “demo bars” were placed at opposite corners of the Booth to allow sufficient space to handle the anticipated heavy Traffic Flow and each demo bar was outfitted for 6 Tablet stations. Research uncovered a supplier of 8” pedestal devices commonly used to display electronics in retail stores. Each pedestal features a coiled tether to attach the Tablet for security and each pedestal was attached to a customized display counter custom made by Absolute Exhibits carpenters. The two display counters featured a hidden cavity to house power outlets for each Tablet device. The Tablets could be easily and safely stored overnight in these locked cavities or the Tablets could be separated from the pedestals with a special tool and relocated overnight. This hidden cavity also allowed Xtime to display collateral and signage on a clean, distraction free counter top, dramatically improving its product presentation. The solution was a huge success with Booth visitors and the Xtime sales team. Each user found the mounted Tablets easy to use, the demo stations easy to navigate and the Traffic Flow well managed.


Absolute Exhibits Client: Fras – Le

Account Executive: Don Burks


Trade Show Location: Las Vegas, NV

Exhibit Size: 20×20’ Peninsula

Description: Semi custom Advantec

Design Challenge: To create a welcoming environment that captured the Attendees attention to understand based on large Graphic tag lines just what it was they were offering within their new product line.
Their primary objective was to individually showcase their entire automotive product, creating a hands on experience for their customer base as well as highlighting a specific area within their Booth to showcase 4 new product lines.

As a leader in the industry they wanted to show dominance by creating strong branding within their Booth space.

Design solution: We built a very high tech, very contemporary semi custom Booth arrangement, allowing for full individual product display areas, as well as creative branding solutions. Offering 2 casual lounge areas along with a private meeting room with a full service bar / cabinet.

Agexport PMA

Absolute Exhibits Client: Agexport

Account Executive: Ruben Flores

Show: PMA 2009

Trade Show Location: Anaheim, CA

Exhibit Size: 20×50’ Island

Description: System Exhibit

Design Challenge: Fitting ten exhibitors with each company having equal prominence, a bar/serving area with seating, and a new modern look.

Design Test: Working with government agencies or associations that promote exports, in most cases, have limited budgets , and equality of space issues. In this case the Guatemalan Pavilion had budgetary limitations which meant a system-style exhibit.

Design solutions: Our design team developed a modern pavilion with a traditional system that is both very affordable and met customer requirements. Additionally we had color issues and finally reached agreement on the colors shown in the rendering. The client was very satisfied and signed with me again for the PMA 2010.

Teleplan Inc.

Absolute Exhibits Client: Teleplan Inc.

Account Executive: Terry Smith

Show: Reverse Logistics

Trade Show Location: Las Vegas, NV

Exhibit Size: 20×20’ Island

Description: System Rental

Design Challenge: In our present course of economic meltdown, companies are now looking beyond the obvious cuts such as payroll. The new target is trade show participation including the cost to rent space, rent and install the exhibit and, of course, “T & E” for company personnel. We’re now hearing this frequent phrase from many clients, “ I have a new, reduced Booth budget from top management. I need your help!

Case in Point: A returning client, Teleplan, exhibiting at the recent Reverse Logistics show in Las Vegas was given the news from upper management to “slice and dice or get out of the show”.

Design Solution: We are advocates of staying in the show. It is not self-serving, but more about your own damage control when pulling out. A trade show presence preserves your image, provides a meeting place for customers and prospects, and shows you’re there to support reps, and the supply chain. (For more great arguments for keeping in there…….see this link to “Pulling Out”:

For Teleplan, the interest was strong to “stay in there” but how to cost reduce an exhibit rental when the deposit was already paid? We know some Booth builders would walk away and say, “…not our problem!”

Absolute Exhibits is not immune to the meltdown and we’re feeling the pinch as well. But to ignore the customer is a poor behavior we have never practiced.
So the design solution was to cut down some of the features while still preserving the image and original feel of the design. One mutual compromise was to eliminate the backlit logo/graphic wall behind the reception desk. Another was to cut down on the number of graphics on the back walls. In all, we reduced the balance over $2000 and Teleplan was very happy.

So, whether its saving $2,000 or $20,000 it is revenue we are willing to sacrifice. This is what a true partnership is all about…..its helping each other. And, there’s no better time than now to be strong together in a weak economic climate!

Air Liquide

Absolute Exhibits Client: Air Liquide

Account Executive: Terry Smith

Show: Semicon

Trade Show Location: San Francisco, CA

Exhibit Size: 20×70’ Island

Description: Custom Rental

Design Challenge: At any trade show the primary design factor is attracting attention. How do you attract attention? Be different. Be unique. Install red stop lights to stop the Aisle people and bring them in…..that’s the purpose of your exhibit!

Case in point: A new client – Air Liquide – at the 2008 Semicon show in San Francisco.

Design Solution: Out of their catalog page was a colorful “molecular tree” which highlights the chemical structure of their business. So…….why not make a real life-like tree …make it big and 3 dimensional, and put it out there? Make them stop like a red stop light!

Some say it was the hit of the show……others thought it was too racey for the show. Whatever your opinion it worked!

Air Liquide featured a picture of their molecular tree in a recent company wide bulletin. It’s a “keeper” for them and will be used at least one more time at the next show. Remember, using a special feature gets stale after a year or two. Purchasing a Booth sometimes has that same drawback!


Absolute Exhibits Client: Perlast
Account Executive: Todd Koren
Show: Semicon West 2008
Trade Show Location: San Francisco – Moscone
Exhibit Size: 20’ x 30’ Peninsula
Description: Custom rental

Design Challenge: To create an exhibit that gives the look of having a larger space than they actually had at the show. They have had much larger spaces at the show in the past and for this show they took a smaller space.

The primary objective was to show their products (“O” rings) in a secure display case. We gave them a display case that was visible from both directions of the exhibit space while walking down the aisle. We also gave them two built in cases in their custom counters.

Items Needed In The Space:
Conference area; we incorporated it in the double deck unit.
Serving area for drinks and snacks, we built them a custom bar and under the deck we had storage for all of their snacks and drinks. We also provided a full size refrigerator.
Lounge area was provided for a relaxed sit down atmosphere.
Plasmas for located on the super curved structure that came out to the Aisle for ease of visibility. A plasma was also attached to the wall in the lounge area to show the production of the Perlast products.
Signage was very critical and we used back lighted graphics and three dimensional letters that also were back lighted.

The whole exhibit had many curves to simulate the curvatures of the “O” rings. We also went to the trouble to create giant three dimensional “O” rings on the walls. The whole exhibit was covered in White, Red and Metallic Silver laminate – these colors were needed by the client to show off their products.


Absolute Exhibits Client: Dallmeier USA

Account Executive: Don Burks

Show: G2E Global Gaming Expo

Trade Show Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Exhibit Size: 20’x40’ Island

Description: Hybrid Rental

Design Challenge: One of the objectives for Dallmeier at this show was to have a dominant presence not only in their segment of the show floor but to be visible by everyone.

Their primary objective was to showcase their “eye in the sky” security cameras and their IP based security system. The underlying message was to communicate Dallmeier as the premier manufacturer, engineer, and design of security camera and systems, as single source provider for the gaming industry.

They also wanted to make a strong statement about their strength as a company.

Design Solution: We built a modern, hybrid exhibit using custom workstations and system components that literally reached for the sky.

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