Anaheim City Travel Guide

Disneyland California Adventure

Anaheim , is centrally located within Southern California, and is the regional hub for economic activity in Orange County and fast becoming a world-class business center. The City is known worldwide as a center for entertainment, tourism and convention activities. This translates into a prestigious, high profile international address that balances business and residential growth.

Transportation to all of southern California is literally at your feet — every type of tour is available right at the door of Disneyland and California Adventure — which are just next door to the Anaheim Convention Center and Downtown Disney.

For those just visiting the convention center, turn into Downtown Disney for incredible eating experiences. There’s more food and fun than you can imagine with rousing, live performances and a scrumptious all-you-can-eat buffet: Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind, independent restaurant delivering an authentic New Orleans dining experience. From mouthwatering Louisiana cuisine to festive Big Easy decor, every detail of Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen delivers on the promise of New Orleans’ dual legacies – food and music.

Catal and the Uva Bar – experience delectable, divine dining, from a casual bite at the Uva Bar to an elegant multi-course Mediterranean dinner with grilled seafood, poultry and vegetables – crisp, inventive salads, flavorful pastas and extraordinary Art Deco atmosphere.

Since you are so close to Newport Beach — and if you want a simply elegant southern California experience — go to Mastros Restaurant — there is the Ocean Club Seafood restaurant and the Steakhouse. Both are spectacular and offer an unparalleled dining experience … world class service, highly acclaimed cuisine, and live entertainment.

If you want to travel outside of Anaheim and the convention area — you should have a car — and if you do drop us a note for a list of incredible eating experiences toward the beach areas.

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