Long Beach City Travel Guide

Long Beach City Travel Guide

Long Beach is where the action begins and the fun never ends. From the regal Queen Mary and spectacular Aquarium of the Pacific to stirring Broadway shows, live music venues and hundreds of exclusive dining destinations–all centrally located. Airport-close, a brief and pleasant cruise away from Catalina Island and a short distance from Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and everything Southern California has to offer–Long Beach is the perfect destination!

You will find more than 100 quality restaurants within an eight block radius in downtown, serving everything from hot wings to haute cuisine. Explore the city and delight your taste buds at every turn or browse the extensive list of local and international favorites listed here.

Everything is within walking distance of the Long Beach Convention Center — three do not miss places for dinner – Gladstone’s Long Beach, is a waterfront restaurant, with views of the majestic Queen Mary and beautiful Rainbow Harbor. Across the street from the Convention Center and minutes away from all the major local Hotels, Gladstone’s Long Beach offers the fun and casual, yet sophisticated dining experience that any guest would enjoy. There’s something endearing about the idea of a restaurant in a house, like mom or grandma is going to bust out of the kitchen with a heaping plate made with love.

Then a place like The Attic comes along and puts tables and chairs inside an old Craftsman on a popular Belmont Heights corner and starts serving Cajun-inspired California comfort food and brings the whole restaurant-in-a-house concept out of nostalgia and into the modern age. The highlights oyster po’ boys and St. Louis-style ribs, but locals frequently spread out across the front-yard-turned-dining-patio with a big group of friends and dine on everything from macaroni and cheese sprinkled with crushed Flaming Hot Cheetos and jambalaya made with alligator andouille while sipping on The Attic’s famous custom Bloody Mary’s, which can be garnished with weirdness like Slim Jim-stuffed olives and sliders. .

Welcome to La Traviata , the only restaurant in Long Beach not only designed in the Nineteenth Century Opera House style, but providing the best of the city’s operatic singers and pianists for your entertainment.

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