New Orleans City Travel Guide

New Orleans City Travel Guide

“‘Unique’ is a word that cannot be qualified. It does not mean rare or uncommon; it means alone in the universe. By the standards of grammar and by the grace of God, New Orleans is the unique American place.” – Charles Kuralt

What to do in New Orleans? The answer is simple yet resounding. Do as the New Orleanians do: indulge, savor and celebrate. Indulge your senses, savor New Orleans’ rich cultural experience and celebrate everything that — even after 203 years of the greatest achievements and the steepest challenges — still makes New Orleans America’s most unique, authentic and enthralling destination. Your exploration of the many sensory extravagances that endure in the unique city of New Orleans begins here — enjoy the journey!

Explore artistic and cultural masterpieces at the city’s world-class museums and galleries. Take a walk through living history in the vibrant core of the city: the French Quarter/Marigny, the Warehouse/Arts District and the Garden District. Or, take a ride in living history – a streetcar – down Canal Street or along the river. Stroll beneath the moss-draped oaks in New Orleans’ acres of parks or tee up at an area golf course. Glide past alligators on an airboat in the heart of the swampland. Or take in the wildlife a different way: at the renowned Audubon Zoo and Aquarium of the Americas. Join New Orleans’ famed nightlife — from piano bars to theater stars, pubs to music clubs — as it rolls into the wee morning hours. Make it an evening for the theater, or catch some cool live music at one of the many hot clubs hopping in the historic Arts District, French Quarter, Faubourg Marigny or Bywater. There is truly something for everyone to do all day and night long!

Relish the rich flavors of an unforgettable meal in one of New Orleans’ world-famous restaurants. Our celebrity chefs are back in their home kitchens continuing the culinary legacy for which New Orleans was honored at the 2006 James Beard Foundation Awards.This is ridiculously impossible — but we will give you three of our favorite restautants and then if you want more — just call us! Arnaud’s we always ask to be seated in the Jazz Bistro — from Southern Living – New Orleanians know a good thing when they see it, and they hang on to it. Take Arnaud’s. This French Quarter member of the culinary old guard is still serving up tradition in grand style…… From the moment you arrive, festivity fizzes in the air. More of the past unfolds on Arnaud’s second floor in the Mardi Gras Museum with an astonishing display of exquisite jeweled ball gowns and other memorabilia belonging to the restaurant’s former owner…… You don’t want to miss this. NOLA, a contemporary gem tucked into a historic yellow stucco townhouse, which features casual food – an exciting pastiche of Southern culinary delights. Nola established its identity as a funky, informal restaurant whose menu features the fresh adaptations of New Orleans Creole and Acadian Cajun for which Emeril Lagasse is renowned. Since 1880, Commander’s Palace has been a New Orleans landmark known for the award-winning quality of its food and service. Brimming with the Brennan family’s gracious Crescent City hospitality, Commander’s Palace excels at making dining a special event.

Hot from the oven, so to speak, one of our account executives with an incredible taste for the newest and latest foods adds two relatively new restaurants as “must see” in New Orleans, along with a standard bearer. We suggest clicking on all of these websites for some incredible gastronomy — Patois Restaurant, Couchon, and Galatoires. Three more incredible eating experiences. He should know he normally weighs the same as he did in high school — and gained four pounds in four days!

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