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Corporate Video

Video is an essential element of your branding program in order to challenge your competition and stay current. The crowning achievement of a terrific trade show experience is what you present on your plasma screen or screens or your video wall. Ninety percent of all of our design requests include a source to display a corporate video. What are you going to show on the screen, what will grab attention, what will have Attendees stop in their tracks? We do not recommend throwing your 2003 company video up on the screen or worse yet a power point presentation. You will get laughs and they will not be with you but at you.

Our corporate video production team offers script writing, producing, directing, shooting, motion graphics and high-definition editing … a complete service in-house. We produce the greatest corporate videos in a stress free environment for our clients. We will fly to your headquarters and within a short period of time a slice of perfection will be delivered to your company door. From live-action and motion Graphic commercials to marketing communications and corporate videos, our newest division is already known for its distinctive style and dedication to creating top-notch video for TV, web or DVD.

This is not your parent’s video. We produce fresh, engaging, and professional corporate video that people WANT to watch. This is corporate video that is best described as ‘cinematic,’ and ‘dynamic.’ From concept to creation we will deliver unique, impactful, branded video content. View the video below – we even made airplane hoses an exciting subject matter!

  • Corporate Video Gallery
  • 30 Second Spots for SHUTTLE TV NETWORK
  • Video-To-Go, for the show floor
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