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Graphic Design

Branding – the single most important term in relationship to advertising and marketing that has come to the forefront in the past twenty years. On the trade show floor you have less than six seconds to draw the attention of your audience and tell your story. Using eye-catching images and concise words is the key to your pitch.

Our graphics designers are a part of the larger design factory team, educated in both Digital Arts and Marketing, and uses the most up to date Adobe Creative Suite design software to produce cutting edge artwork to complement your company identity. Possibly your Logo is not formatted correctly or it needs a makeover? We can reconstruct it, enhance it, and prepare it as scalable for large format printing. Moreover, we follow strict industry standard guidelines with all the files we build so you can make them a permanent and useful addition to your marketing toolbox.

Graphics are critical to an effective tradeshow exhibit. They tell people who you are and what you do. Some graphics are better at accomplishing this task than others. Simply blowing up your 8.5″ × 11″ company brochure to fill a 8’ × 20’ wall in your tradeshow Booth is not going to get the job done. Our designs are not only creative but they are executed with tradeshow marketing in mind. We know how to use typography and layout techniques that are specific to and effective in a tradeshow environment.

The goal is to narrow down a few choice words and taglines to best describe your core business. The next step is to position and compose everything strategically so that company names and key points are legible when viewed from a distance, and for island and peninsula booths, logos appear frequently enough to be seen from all angles. Most importantly, all critical elements are featured at eye level to ensure that no one struggles to figure out who you are and what you do.

You will find that our invaluable experience in designing trade show graphics will give you the upper hand. Be assured in knowing that our graphics design team can help you with your graphics from concept to completion or simply guide you in the right direction. Together, we can create graphics that are sure to get you your next lead!

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