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A white paper is a concise, clear, and detailed story about your organization and its products, services, and expertise. It is not a sales pitch or a press release, but it could be used to spark both. Some white papers can swell to the size of a small book, but we believe every business story can be told well in a few carefully crafted pages. Our white papers include four pages of business content. This length is ideal for today’s shortened attention spans and trade show attendees, but we are also happy to work with you on a longer project.

Marketing experts consistently rank white papers as one of the best ways to generate leads, inform potential customers, and demonstrate thought leadership. The key to a white paper capturing customers and going viral is effective writing. Existing employees and even outside marketing or advertising firms typically lack the necessary strategic writing skills, technical knowledge, and ability to tailor a piece to a specific audience. Not to mention that they are too busy with their “real” jobs to prioritize the project. Our writer (see below) brings the right experience and skill set to provide effective white paper services for your company. Why the trade show floor? An effective white paper will work much harder for far longer than any other content you can publish, but it will also be a critical addition to your exhibit. It offers a chance to grab the attention of the busy attendee. It commands more of a potential customer’s attention. A white paper tells your story, and will make your company stand out on the show floor as an industry leader.

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image2261Gregory Mone, Technical Writer
Email: [email protected]

Gregory Mone is an award-winning science and technology writer and the author of several books for adults and children. Over the past ten years he has written magazine articles, books, and white papers covering an unusually wide range of subjects, including robots, surfing, exercise, smartphones, Santa Claus, pirates, astronomy, ninjas, and data centers, to name a few. He is a former columnist at Popular Science magazine and a graduate of Harvard University.

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