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Web Design

Simple. Clear. User-friendly. Simple interfaces are uncomplicated to use, easier to understand, more insightful, faster loading, and trouble-free as compared to websites that are flashy and on image-overload. The websites we have produced, redesigned or refined are proof that a simple website does not have to look like a bargain basement web design nor be unattractive. Simple and Effective. It is possible.

Web design is different than traditional print publishing. Every website is an information display container, just as a book is a container; and every web page is like a page in a book. However the end size and shape of the web page is not known to the web designer, while the print designer will know exactly what size paper he or she will be printing on.

Typically web sites have four basic aspects of design beginning with the content. Then, of course the usability: the site should be user-friendly, with the interface and navigation simple and reliable. The appearance of tthe graphics and text should include a single style that flows throughout, to show consistency. The style should be professional, appealing and relevant. And finally, the structure: of the web site as a whole.

A web site typically consists of text, images, animation and /or video. The first page of a web site is known as the Home page or Index Page. In the beginning — about twenty years ago it was common to use a splash page. However search engines, in general, favor web sites that don’t do this which has caused these types of pages to fall out of favor. Each web page within a web site is a file which has its own URL. After each web page is created, they are typically linked together using a navigation menu composed of hyperlinks.

Once a web site is completed, it must be published or uploaded in order to be viewable to the public over the internet. This may be done using an FTP client. Our designers use text and standard interface elements instead of “the more images, the better” design technique — interlaced with an abundance of confusion. We pare down your text and then size it to be readable. We believe design should work for your clients, not upset them. And finally, we believe cutting edge is great — but it does not replace the client.

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