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Building your Exhibit Abroad

    Absolute Exhibits does approximately 50% of its business with clients from outside of the USA. We work either directly with the client or with their exhibit house. Because of our relationships with the foreign exhibit houses we have partners that build for us in their cities. I have attached a few of our most recent builds. We have had our client’s designs built in Rome, Paris, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Berlin, and London. Clients have also had exhibits built in Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Santiago. In the east we have had builds completed in Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Macau. You might wonder why you should not go directly to an offshore exhibit house by yourself. Here are a few reasons:

    1. Our staff includes people that speak most of the more common foreign languages – we negotiate in the foreign language not English and we have mutual understandings to get to the lowest pricing possible as quickly as possible.

    2. We have long standing relationships and know the quality of the builders work, as well as their reliability to complete the job on time.

    3. Pricing outside of the USA in most instances is far less as there are no union fees for building and I&D – AE adds a small percentage to make your project happen and you will still be spending less than an overall project in the USA.

    4. You will not be on your own in a foreign country. Just as we provide project managers to guide you in the USA we do the same all over the world.

    If you are considering working outside the USA you might look into a new government sponsored program. The STEP Program is a pilot grant initiative, authorized for three years under the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. The Act authorizes award of up to $90 million in grants over three fiscal years, with up to $30 million to be awarded each year. The 50 states, District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa (‘States’) are eligible to apply for competitively awarded grants covering the period October 2012 – September 2013. (For each State, only the single state agency that has been officially designated as sole entity responsible for conducting that State’s trade and export activities, may apply.) Individual State project award amounts will vary, based on each State’s proposed project plan and budget. In fiscal year 2011, SBA awarded 52 grants totaling $30 million. The average value of awards was $577,000. This program can help you fund your overseas development.

    Now is the time to relook at your product or service and see how it fits into another country. We are here to help you, take a look at some of our builds,, the internet has opened industry to the world – be one of the first to join! The picture accompanying this article is for Littman Industries, built last month in Sao Paulo for a lighting industry show. This exhibit was 6,500 square feet and will move to Italy and Germany next year.

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