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    While I have touched on this subject before we now have firsthand knowledge from one of our clients about the effectiveness of this process on the show floor. Our client, Fantasia, recently attended the IPCPR show in Las Vegas and literally stole the show floor out from under their competitor who has been in the business for decades. While their exhibit we built was exceptional, with a modern day lounge effect and a small second story for private business – one of the guiding forces in bringing people into their exhibit was their corporate video.

    We have said it so many times in a large show you have to have a hook that stops attendees in the aisles and begs them to enter your exhibit. No matter what show you go to you have competition. However, how do you pull people into your booth space to experience your innovative product line? Today, everyone asks for a plasma or flat screen. And now we are prepared to ask what are you going to do with it? And how are you going to do it? No more power points, no more tours through your offices, no more photo-shopped collages! This is a resource to give you the appearance of a today company modern, edgy, on top of the world. Our other link will show you how you can even make airplane hoses look current, contemporary, and above all entertaining! This is our award winning, in-house resource. Please speak to your account executive and he will introduce you to our media director and get you on the right track to trade show success. And as always, working with Absolute Exhibits you know we have researched and investigated to make certain you will get your best results with complete budget awareness.

    Last word on corporate video – it is a proven fact that SEO for your website improves tremendously with a corporate video. We have a social media editor on staff to help you get it online as well as moving your through Facebook, Twitter, and other applications to make your company grow.

    Hydraflow Corporate Culture Video
    Fantasia – 5 Minute Trade Show Video

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