Trade Show Tips

Exhibit Booth Staffing

    Since the previous article tells you how the booth staff can keep attendees from entering your exhibit I think it is best to discuss many of the things that turn off those same people. While cell phones and the more au courant, texting, used to be much lower on the list – this now seems to be the number one complaint. Turn off the cell phones! I am always amazed at the number of exhibitors talking on their phone instead of talking to attendees, or even worse, interrupting a conversation with a prospect to answer a phone call. And texting is even worse.

    Don’t try the hard sell – it puts people off and since you probably have 10 competitors on the show floor it is very easy to walk from your exhibit space. Just open the door, maybe they will even come back tomorrow. Whatever you do follow-up immediately after the show.

    Make eye contact and say hello to everyone walking the aisles. Do not let your body language turn people away from your booth. Smile and don’t have your hands in your pockets, arms crossed, or behind your back. Some people will decide to stop in or pass on stopping just by the way the people in the booth look. Here is a great idea …try holding a piece of literature at all times. This will keep your hands in front of you, and you are more likely to appear eager to help, rather than bored, tired, or intimidating. Again, keep smiling!

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