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Go from Bulletin Board to Billboard – Successful Pop-up Exhibit Marketing

    Pop-up exhibiting is great for set-up, ease of delivery to your exhibit space, and a no-thinker when the show is over. However, if you want to look different from your neighbors you have to really think some things through! The days of carpeted walls have ended – your back wall is not a bulletin board with a header and a bunch of uncollected thoughts about your company. A simple and bold graphic image with a very few words, like a billboard, sets your stage and captures attention.

    Use intriguing photos or illustrations that appeal to your prospects – that’s the attention you want. If your image is too clever, and does not relate to your marketing message or your product you have failed. Add words to your image that will appeal to your buyer’s hot buttons, be it products they are looking for or benefits you can deliver to them.

    Integrated Marketing is a big term for something rather simple … keep saying the same thing over and over on your website, in your brochures, all over your ads. Repeated marketing is memorable and people buy from names they recognize.

    Your pop-up is the beginning of your exhibit architecture. Stay consistent in design and color with your additional pieces inside your booth space. Send a message that no matter how small your display you are professional. No paper signs, ugly rental furniture, a box of stuff at your feet, or paper-thin budget carpeting with no padding for cushioning. Even the smallest exhibits can look professional and allow you to be the authority on what you do or what you offer.

    "Stand out from your neighbor’s pop up display" before the show even starts by inviting prospects to your booth, and hosting a persuasive promotion during the show. You must use the right people to engage the people walking by. They must know your product or service and how to sell within the three ring circus of the trade show atmosphere. No complainers that sit and watch the people walk by.

    You need an expert to talk to, someone who has sold thousands of pop-ups. Peter Holman is our pop-up guru – he understands how to bring the clients to your door (or front of your exhibit space). He has an entire graphic design team at his disposal. You don’t need an advertising or marketing company, all you need is an idea or your current repetitive message and Peter can point you in the right direction. A graphic paneled pop-up exhibit used to cost you $5,000+, today you can spend $1500 and an hour or two of design time and you will look like a million dollars. Call Peter at 888.282.8858 … in less than a week you can look like the consummate professional that you are!

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