Trade Show Tips

Graphics 101

    Lead time?
    No one ever believes it until it happens to them – plan ahead and you can save big … wait until the last minute and “rush charge” will be your middle name.

    Simplify your images – intricate images with special effects, metallic finishes, etcetera can be more difficult to create and therefore more expensive to produce.

    Flexible or rigid graphics. Flexible graphics are generally more expensive to produce – however they usually weigh less than rigid graphics and are easier to containerize and ship.

    Back-lighted graphics create incredible floor impact however, they cost 20-30 percent more than reflective graphics.

    Follow your vendor’s graphics specification sheet. This is where the real money savings/spending happens. Submitting artwork in the wrong format or the incorrect resolution means clean-up costs and lead time lost.

    Quality – what does it mean? We all want the highest quality, however, if you are viewing a graphic from 8-10 feet away – or better yet, something that is floating above the viewers’ heads – consider lesser processing procedures for more cost savings.

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