Trade Show Tips

International Trade Shows – pull out all of the stops

    Acquiring maximum focus at an international trade show with the most innovative and impressive booth design must be the aim of every entrepreneur, tradesperson or retailer. Surprisingly this can be done for far less cost than in the USA. In most any other country there are no show contractors, unions, rules (they drink beer at lunch in Germany!), material handling charges. Exhibit houses drive up to the massive parking lots and unload and leave their trucks there for the entire shows. Caterers come from everywhere to prepare breakfast and lunch. It is far more a party atmosphere – if you want a bar you have a bar. The exhibit prices are much lower and in most countries are what we consider “Build and burn.” They are trashed at show end.

    By fully realizing and utilizing a custom exhibit booth, no mistake will be made about the distinct offerings of your company, as well as your ability to provide for your potential customers. Going out-of-country affords you the unique ability to “go custom” – something you might like to do here and yet feel it is unaffordable. This can be your try-out. We duplicate many exhibits for clients that first took the step out of the USA. We add our rules and regulations and surprisingly we meet many budgets right on. Always remember that an exclusive trade show booth design or exhibit has the ability to influence the senses of your trade show visitors.

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