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Joining Absolute Exhibits

    Michelle “M.J.” ( Michiru) Johnson has joined Absolute Exhibits, expanding our foreign department once again. Currently Absolute Exhibits has account executives from Germany, Brazil, Columbia, and Japan. Michelle has been an independent marketing consultant for the past ten years working with top foreign global companies. Her job has been to bring those companies to the north American trade show floor, as well as, taking them to European, Asian, and Middle Eastern trade shows. MJ attended college in southern California and completed her international business degree in Japan where she was born in Tokyo. Additionally she has certifications in Marketing Communications, Brand Measurements, and Integrating COM.

    “M.J. will be a great addition to our sales team. Our global initiative, bringing a large volume of business to the American trade show floors, has been a huge success. Now we find ourselves taking our domestic clients all over the world, and taking our foreign clients to other foreign countries. M.J. is a perfect fit with her past connections and marketing skills.” Said Todd Koren, Absolute Exhibits President and CEO.

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