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    Everyone always provides lists of “emergency show floor” items. However, first you need to get to the show floor – dressed, pressed, and well-slept. Try these ideas:

    • Drycleaning bags can be heaven sent – if you’re only packing a few things – out a drycleaning bag over each item. The slipperiness of the extra material in between items keeps the items from wrinkling.
    • Candles are a great standby if you lose electricity – and it takes up no room in your bag, But, you must also remember the matches. The candle wax can also be used to loosen sticky zippers.
    • A universal faucet handle and a radiator key are inexpensive purchases from the local hardware. Pack them when you head for European shows to adjust the room heat either up or down – you will be much happier in the morning.
    • Tape a card securely inside of each piece of luggage with your name, address, phone number and destination.
    • Don’t get scalded by an unfamiliar shower. First run only the hot water – until it reaches maximum heat. Then adjust the cold water until the mix gets to your desired comfort level.
    • When packing shoes put each one inside a cotton sock. Keeps everything else clean and keeps the shoes from getting scratched. Then put the sock-covered shoe into a ziplock bag. No odor in your bag.
    • When packing clothing, role them instead of folding them. This cuts down on wrinkles and ironing.
    • Roll your ties backwards and very tightly round two of your fingers, starting from the narrow end and finishing with the wide. Then secure by rolling a sock over each one, separately. This method will keep the ties from getting creased, and will even remove that annoying twist.
    • On the wallet security issue – make certain you always keep your wallet in a front trouser pocket (not in your inside jacket pocket or your back trouser pocket). Since the front of your thighs are very sensitive, it’s difficult for the pickpocket to get it out without you knowing.

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