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Purchase with a Plus!

    One Source is a new alternative to purchasing rather than renting but with the flexibility of ownership with the ease of renting. You can purchase a custom modular exhibit packed into custom rolling, molded crates from many resources. However that is what you get for the price … an exhibit packed into crates FOB the company’s warehouse. A purchase from Absolute Exhibits includes everything from the list below and a crew of people at your disposal in our office, on on docks, in our trucks, and on the show floor. We never let go of your hand until the first client walks up to your exhibit.

    Here’s the Key … to make the purchase as Easy as a Rental our pricing always includes:
    • A Custom Modular Reconfigurable Exhibit with Shipping Containers – 10×10-10×20 to 20×20 or larger!
    • AV Equipment, Carpeting, Furniture – for purchase or rent
    • I&D and Shipping – using our own crews and trucks
    • Warehousing estimation – we have facilities on both coasts
    • Turnkey pricing, a Project Manager, an I&D Lead, and all of your forms handled
    One Source are our light weight custom modular displays with ease of set up and the ability to reconfigure the same exhibit to meet changing marketing needs. Our One Source exhibit system combines modular panels, fabric structures, truss, and aluminum extrusions with merchandising capabilities to create exhibit solutions as breathtaking as they are functional.

    Our One Source works in the same manner as our Absolute Exhibits rental inventory as it is focused on creating trade show exhibits that maximize recycled content. On average, 95% of the materials in the One Source designs, based on the total exhibit weight, can be recycled. The designs specifically include components that are produced using easily and commonly recycled materials including aluminum and cardboard.

    Absolute Exhibits is an all- inclusive exhibit house, now with the addition of One Source Custom Modular exhibits we are at complete plus status. Talk to your sales executive today and allow him/her to guide you through the purchase or rental possibilities to meet your specific trade show requirement.

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