Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Red Sun Farms at PMA Fresh Summit 2016

red sun farms, pma fresh summit 2016, custom exhibit
Red Sun Farms, side view
  • Show: Produce Marketing Association - PMA Fresh Summit 2016
  • Location: Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, FL)
  • Client: Red Sun Farms
  • Industry: Food & Beverage

Since 1949, The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has been a leading trade association representing thousands of companies from the global produce and floral supply chain industries. Every year, PMA’s Fresh Summit International Convention & Exposition attracts 20,000+ attendees from over 60 countries, as well as 1,100+ exhibitors, making this an industry event not to miss.

Our client, Red Sun Farms, approached our team to provide a new custom exhibit design to unveil at PMA Fresh Summit 2016.

Naturally, we were up for the challenge!

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Red Sun Farms, formerly JemD International, is a leader in non-GMO greenhouse-grown produce with state-of-the-art facilities throughout North America, and is committed to the growth, stability and ongoing progression of the greenhouse industry.

Since 2000, Absolute Exhibits has partnered with Red Sun Farms as its exhibit house for dozens of trade shows, including PMA Fresh Summit, United Fresh Show and CPMA Annual Convention and Trade Show (Canadian Produce Marketing Association).

The company’s booth at the time was already considered quite unique and eye-catching as we had incorporated many custom elements, such as overhead wooden beams and a faux greenhouse roof over the meeting room.

However, Red Sun Farms had now increased the booth size to 30-feet by 40-feet and was planning to introduce it’s new Monarch Pearls orange grape tomato. Also, the booth would need to be configurable to accommodate multiple sizes for different shows.

We knew that the booth had to make an even bigger impact than the previous exhibits we had build for Red Sun Farms.

Watch the video below:

A handful of strategy meetings and several cups of coffee later, our design team was able to perfectly capture Red Sun Farms’ vision.

The new custom exhibit was designed to emulate a large greenhouse with an open-air farmer’s market underneath. The towering 18-foot tall greenhouse roof, which previously only covered the meeting room, was expanded to cover the entire booth.

The exhibit artfully combined modern and rustic elements to create a unique contrast.

Reclaimed barn wood, which is eco-friendly and possess a unique vintage character that’s difficult to mimic, was paired against corrugated metal and glass for a farm-like experience.

The booth featured nine custom fruit stands with locking storage, as well as circular produce display euro tables in the center of the booth.

“The design caters to our customers’ retail outlets as it emulates our produce displayed in ways that retailers can mimic at their individual locations,” said Jim DiMenna, Chief Executive Officer for Red Sun Farms.

(as cited in The Produce News, 2016)

Toward the back of the exhibit, the meeting room and lounge incorporated frosted glass and wooden slats for walls to provide a semi-private experience while Red Sun Farms meet with clients. Between the two room was a large storage closet with printed glass wall panels displaying fresh produce on the outside of the exhibit.

Lastly, the booth was specially designed to be reconfigurable for multiple sizes: 30-feet by 40-feet, 20-feet by 30-feet and 10-feet by 20-feet spaces.


The Red Sun Farms’ exhibit at PMA Fresh Summit was a major success! The towering 18-foot tall structure could be seen from across the hall, and booth visitors encountered a unique experience inside the booth that strongly represented the Red Sun Farms brand.

Make sure to watch the Red Sun Farms booth video to see it in action!

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