Trade Show Tips

Show Floor Observation

    While seasoned staffers realize the importance of spirited intelligence gathering both in and out of the exhibit, rookie staffers may need some extra help. They typically stay put, inside the exhibit – or run around the show floor helter-skelter, only to return with a handful of loose brochures. In order to step up their recognizance efforts, it is best to start with an assignment. Assign a rookie one of the following missions, and they will return with a better understanding of the show, the competition and their own responsibilities.
    Study each competitor’s presence. Appraise lighting, graphics, design, etc. Do they hold a strong show presence? If so, how is this accomplished?
    Evaluate the competition’s staff performance. How are visitors greeted? Who is providing technical information (technical staff, salespeople or presenters)? Is the exhibit over- or under-staffed?
    Compare products and services. What products are competitors discussing? Are they focusing on a specific service, new technology or specific advantage? How does this compare to your own?
    Analyze traffic activities. What giveaways, incentives, direct mail, contests, etc. are they using? Do they seem effective?

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