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Tension Fabric in System Architecture – lightweight and innovative

    For the past decade we have seen a rise in tension fabric exhibits – they are clean and modern and work within budgets to a dramatic effect. Now an exhibit can have fabric insets made with a spongy foam edge that fits into the regular system hardware. This is a new version of hybrid. The walls can be made of lightweight and cost-efficient fabric rather than hard wall inserts. This also allows greater variance in wall sizes. Additionally using a soft wall allows a canvas for lighting that has rather distinctive prospects. From print to gobo lighting – there are unique opportunities not allowed through traditional hardwalls.

    Fabrics do have some downfalls – in regard to ripping or staining, however, generally speaking hard wall inserts tend to scratch and break far more often than the problems incurred with fabric. Fabric has a softening affect and can also be lighted from behind with spectacular results. There are now new fabric applications for both ceilings, which have a history of issues in the USA and also a new soundproofing application that is lightweight and durable for theaters on the show floor. There is much to look forward to in the coming months from the fabric world!

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