Trade Show Tips

Trade Show Flooring

    Similar to lighting, great flooring creates an eye-catching foundation for your trade show display and a warm environment for any booth. Trade show flooring gives dimension and visibility to your trade show display. Your flooring selection sets your trade show booth apart from the rest, while also making a long day of standing much more comfortable. Carpet is still the staple selection on the American show floor. Sometimes clients will choose carpet with cut-ins of different colors or wood products. Clients also select patterns or animal prints, which seem to both stand-out and stand-up to dirt, lint, and food.

    The other option is a wood floor that allows all of the wiring and cables to be run under the exhibit floor. This is a little more money – but really allows you to stand out on the show floor. In other parts of the world this is a standard selection. Here is a hint – your flooring will take a beating, especially in walk-through booth spaces. Unless you want to pay the price for cleaning and maintenance (this will look fabulous) do not choose a too light color either in carpet or laminate. Additionally do not request triple padding, it just makes everyone fall off their shows. Lasatly, do not select the same color as aisle carpets. This information is always listed on the show Quick Facts. Choosing the show color makes your exhibit look like it is just floating mid-air!

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