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Trade Show Strategy … you really do have a friend in the exhibit business

    Every exhibitor needs a friend on the trade show floor, someone who looks out for them. Someone who doesn’t just rent or sell them an exhibit and says, “Thanks, see you next year.” You’ve got a thriving business and you want to take it to the next level, but you’re not sure how to do that. Your products are great. You provide valuable quality services. Current customers love your work. Why is it then that you aren’t able to get more people to visit your exhibit space or stop and ask about your products or services?

    The real answer is that you have probably been so busy working that you don’t have any time
    left in the day to figure out an entire trade show strategy, what your competitor is doing to draw traffic to their exhibit space and into their door.

    You need a friend; someone who looks out for your business and cares about it just as much as you do. And who knows the inside secrets of marketing on the trade show floor. Here is what we have recently done to cement relationships with our clients. Our clients return 85% of the time unless they have been bought by another company, did not return to their trade show, or have retired:

    1. We built an entire exhibit for NAB in four days because our I&D client’s exhibit did not arrive from the UK – this while we had 25 other clients on the show floor
    2. We hung a Formula One racing car from a wall without rigging in Paris for JEC
    3. We built a stage 24 hours before a show opening, out of wood pallets on the show floor and covered it in carpet at Windpower
    4. We kept a crew going 36 hours straight on the show floor because clients’ products arrived late from Brazil and we helped merchandise their booth space
    5. We worked three crews for three days round the clock to build a 5,000 square foot pavilion in Atlanta at a show that had a short window for installation

    It goes on and on – no job, question, or need is too great or too small. Our job is to be certain you open on time and gather the attention you need to make your trade show a success. Our people work with you from the first phone call to the last item leaves the show floor. We are your friend, year round, not just during the sale!

    Send us your RFQ – we will send you back a comprehensive bid – we live on our references. We don’t have to tell you … the most intelligent client always gets more than one bid.

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