Trade Show Tips

Understanding the EAC – Exhibitor Appointed Contractor

    A show’s General Contractor has been appointed through a contractual arrangement with your Show Association. Show management is either the company that owns your show or the company appointed by the show’s owners to oversee your show. The advantage of your working with the General Contractor is that they have plenty of rental equipment, they can reduce your drayage costs, they are onsite all of the time – __all at high costs that they alone determine.__ They also have full control over such things as cleaning, vacuuming, emptying of trash, and food services in your exhibit space, etcetera. __The disadvantages are generally far more expensive than an outside contractor__ ,most everything they build for you is made of the same equipment that sits in 200 other people’s spaces, and you are no more special to them than anyone else – they have got more business than they can handle.

    Working with an EAC is another matter. __Individuality springs to mind as the most important asset that an EAC can hand you.__ Your exhibit will be unique. Also, communicating with the same person or team within a company rather than many of the hundreds of employees of the General Contractor – you are special and not a number. Fee structure also comes into play – small companies have more leeway in determining final pricing and discounting. For installation and dismantle services consider getting a comparative quote against what you are paying the General Contractor – this might be very eye-opening.

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